OOC discussion

Maybe from now on I'll assume that if X hours passes (say after 2 days?) after a suggested course of action, the party does that...

Yeah, I already hinted 3 times Hawkler was ready to go. King is right though. What do you say after being ready.

Sounds like an idear! lol

I'll do my part to keep things moving at a decent clip.

I'm updating once or twice a day 5 days a week in my other games so it's not an issue of posting capacity on my side (though those are PFS games which are the railroadiest of railroads so they are admittedly less work).

I noticed that we've passed the one year mark - a fairly big milestone for online PbP games whose lifespans are often measured in weeks rather than months.

You have bypassed the gorge by climbing the escarpment to the East. It would be possible to head West-ish of your position to look to see if the ambush point is occupied or not.

You're at the point marked "Hut" and the ambush is about where the word "Gorge" is.

Press on to...? Via which path...?

As a reminder, these stones are in the shadow of the tallest peak on the island (and the path winds part-way up). There should be a good view from up there...

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