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Quick question. When Obscuring Mist says things five feet away have a 20% miss chance would that apply to melee?
Since if I'm in one five foot square and you're in another five foot square we are going to be on average five feet apart?

I'm thinking of zombies attacking people in the mist (particularly prone, sleeping people), but I guess it also applies to people attacking zombies in the mist.

Oh and how long is a round?

Hmmm, I'd always thought a round was six seconds... Is that something that varies by DM? O_O

6 seconds generally. Due to the init order I will need Cord's and Tyranthius next actions. Zombie at G11 is badly damaged by hawkler's slash.

Sorry. I was waiting for an introduction to round 3 that would tell me how many hp Cord has left

I had forgotten that cord, and now Tyranthius were at the beginning of round 3, my fault I should have asked you for your round 3 action before

Sorry again, but just to clarify, are the hp for Cord in the round 2 summary what he has at the beginning of round 2, or what he had at the end of round 2?

If I'm reading this right Cord's hit points are currently as given in the Round 2 summary (having dropped to 7 in the round one summary and then 5 in the round two summary).

Cord then gets to act first in Round 3. Of course since the zombie pirates go immediately after Cord he may not have 5 hit points for long.

Okay, so I am now going to admit to a bit of confusion: Does Hiyami wake up on her own (as in, I can pop in whenever?) or am I supposed to wait? @_@

Either someone wakes you up, or you succeed on a perception check to hear the racket and wake up. As it is, you get to snooze through the combat, and are going to be the only one who can memorise spells in the morning (well, except Cord).

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