Scene 6: The Forrĉderiske Ĝer [Forbidden Isles]

Scene 6: The Forrĉderiske Ĝer [Forbidden Isles]

You rise early the next morning and break fast among the Orcs, you are introduced to Şef Siyahdalga [Cheif Black Wave] and Kaptan Acı Rüzgar [Captain Bitter Wind] who commands the longship that will take you out into the Forrĉderiske Ĝer [Forbidden Isles] in search of the Lighthouses and the Bastion. They explain that their warships are moored in a fjord half a day to the north, Şef Siyahdalga's [Cheif Black Wave] Klan is setting out for the fjord today and they will set sail tomorrow for Västervik's harbor and they would like you on board when they do, the Captain and Mayor will be joining you.

Your arrival the following day on the great stone quays of Västervik is tense, the fishermen are surprised by the sudden appearance of the Orc fleet and the alarm bell sounds from the town hall. You are met on the quays by the able bodied men of Västervik wearing rusted mail and wielding all manner of weapons. It takes some time for the Mayor to explain the arrival of the Orc and eventually the mob disperses but the town remains tense. Kaptan Acı Rüzgar [Captain Bitter Wind] does not wait long before shoving off back into the Forrĉderiske Ĝer [Forbidden Isles].

The seas are rough as you pass the Lighthouse and the Isle of the Misty Monks, eventually the blazing light of the Lighthouse is only a flickering speck in the distance like a coin glinting in the sun far away. At the helm you stand over a copied map pinned to the head of a barrel with four orcish daggers as you begin to sail into a heavy rain.

With a leap Orion catches the stays of the mast of the longship, and pulls himself to stand atop it. Though there is no crowsnest the monk can balance on the thin pole. From the vantage point of above the ship and mist he can see the landmarks, the lighthouse of the harbour and the shoals of the bay at a much greater distance, in both day an night. He carries a small lantern with him, affixed to the end of a staff. When he sees a danger in their path he lowers the light to the side they must turn, so the pilot and oarsmen can see which what to turn the longship. He holds his post all hours of the day, for his sense are not dulled by night or even embrace of sleep.

You know how ever many times i sail as sea I'll never get used to not having solid ground under my feet Standing on the deck Greil tries to get used to the rocking motion so that he remains comfortable on the ship.
As the ship moves out Greil tries to help out around the deck. His strong arms helping to shift the rigging so that the ship can stay on course.
Moving around he keeps his eyes focused on the ocean's waves. From his vantage point he cannot help with navigation but he can try to make sure nothing goes wrong on the deck.

The storm wrenches the orc's longship from side to side violently as Greil and Rune join the orc sailors at the oars and lines. Atop the mast Orion unconsciously leans to compensate as the mast lists steeply in the wind. At one point Orion spots a thirty foot wave, tall enough to capsize the ship if it were not for his direction. The captain steers the longship to breach the wave, and the crew hold fast when the ship crashes over the crest of the wave, Greil's grip on the oar and planted feet serve him well, but Rune is simply to heavy and momentum throws him from his feet when the ship crashes down from the crest.

Under the monk's direction and the transcribed maps you eventually make it to the island that you believe houses the first of the lighthouses. The rain comes down in buckets as the longship beaches itself on the shore. The orcs stay to take care of their ship as you venture inland.

Well, Greil says as he checks over his gear one last time, At least its not hailing He shrugs his shoulders and forces a grin and looking to the others. Hey Rustbucket he says to Rune, Can you do anything about getting us some light around here? I've got no room for torches. Greil pads the ground with his feet getting used to the feel of having something more solid underneath him. He breathes in large gulps of air getting a mixture of the sea and the jungles ahead.

To leave the cold to only enter into the rain, this does not bode well for my body. Meatshield, perhaps you should have packed something to help us out in times of need? I can only do so much with my arcane powers. Taking stock of his surroundings, Rune tries to determine his bearings on this island.

"Calm yourselves and listen, my brothers," Orion whispers. "The rain will tell us all we need to know. It sounds different when it falls on the leaf than stone. And a drop of rain in a puddle does not sound the same as a footfall. We will be fine."

The rain continues to torrent when a pair of yard long arrows land at Rune and Greil's feet, quivering in the sand. In the distance you see a figure obscured by the rain leap on top of on of the stone markers and let out a feral cry that you can barely hear over the rain. You can make out two other large shapes near the shouting one.

Orion advances slowly towards the stone monolith. He raises his hands in a gesture of peace, "There is no cause for alarm. We only seek the light house."

Orion strides forward through the rain, readying himself for the battle that may or may not come.

When he nears the beast on the stone let out another frightening roar, Orion takes it in stride but it give his sorcerous companion pause.


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