Scene 6: The Forrĉderiske Ĝer [Forbidden Isles]

Phase of the Stars; HP: 88/88 AC:25 Fort: 26 Ref: 25 Will: 27 AP 1 Surges Used 1/9

What just happened? I can tell where the sound is coming from but I am incapable of seeing what is there. Meathead, step forth and go into the unknown and drag that creature back to us.

Still unsure at what they're facing Rune follows the monk forward into the rain.

Ahead of them the unknown beasts circle around them before the adventurers are pelted by a barrage of crudely made javelins. Orion is graze by the first but Rune isn't not scratched.

Stepping forward Greil advances past Orion. He nods to the monk as he passes knowing that he does not need any protection. Despite the darkness he tries his best to peer through the wind and rain to discern what is ahead of him. He stands tall but does not raise his hammer. His shield arm is held close to his heart, he remains still waiting to see the creatures moves.

As Greil moves closer to the beasts he finally sees one of them clearly through the rain. Standing some eight or nine feet tall is a massive bear-like humanoid, standing on two legs and covered in warpaint made of red-clay the creature holds a long wooden javelin carved from a long branch and has at least half a dozen more javelins in a bundle on its back.

The beast standing upon the stone marker leaps off and charges towards Greil. It snarls as it runs and drops its heavy stone bladed axe down on the warden. The attack slips past Greil's shield and carves into his torso.

Orion slips quickly around the tree and behind the beast, lithely pulling himself up on a branch and jumping up above the warrior. The monks foot comes down on the back of the beast's skull and he rebounds off, striking at the hindquarters of the beast.

Phase of the Stars; HP: 88/88 AC:25 Fort: 26 Ref: 25 Will: 27 AP 1 Surges Used 1/9

Having just missed the shots from the javelin-throwing bear, Rune shimmers out of existence for a moment to reappear 20 feet closer to the bear. Perhaps next time you will think before attempting to throw a pointy stick at me again. Calling on the stars of the night sky, Rune attempts to confuse the bear creature.

Orion leaps into the branches of a nearby tree, sending water flying off the leaves drenching the ursine humanoid below. The springy branch propels the monk high into the air, and he brings down the heel of his foot on the back of the beasts head. The blow slams the ursine face first into the muddy sand, spraying Orion and Greil with sand and water. The beast twitches and doesn't move, thought its clearly not dead. Seeing their comrade taken down so violently the other two beasts roar violently.

On the flank Rune conjures a brilliant blast of starlight that sears the eyes of one of the javelin wielding ursine, before retreating backwards into the rain.

Two standing ursine both take a trio of javelins into their off hands and fire a rapid barrage of handmade spears at Greil and Rune. The warden sees the onslaught coming and turns to face one of the warriors and deflects all three javelins with his broad shield. Rune is not as well prepared, he is hit by the first javelin thrown at him before the other two fly wide.

Clutching his hammer Greil raises it to the sky, We didn't come here to fight you but but damnit we won't stand for so many javelins thrown at us! he bellows. Pausing for a second he looks at the prone warroir before him. His brow furrows for a brief second before swinging his hammer.

Greil takes his time to line up his shot against the stunned beastman, bringing his hammer down on its already bleeding skull.

Writhing in pain and still clearly disoriented from the repeated blows it rolls onto its back, arms and legs splayed out.


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