Scene 6: The Forrĉderiske Ĝer [Forbidden Isles]

Bending low Orion strikes the beast on the skull again, sending it into a sleep where it shall not bother them again for a long while.

Phase of the Stars; HP: 80/88 AC:25 Fort: 26 Ref: 25 Will: 27 AP 1 Surges Used 1/9

Surprised by the enemy actually hitting him, Rune's body lets out some fog from his joints to help mitigate the hit he just received. Your friend will pay for your attempt to hurting me, I'll come for you soon enough. Stepping forward, Rune calls down the heavens to aid him in his fight against the javelin wielder and attempts to burn him with it.

With one swift punch, Orion knocks the axe-wielding bear-man unconscious.

Walking slowly across the wet sand Rune hits the javelin thrower again with a starry sign before teleporting away from the beast men.

Rattled and bloody one of the javelin throwers manages to land a pair of throws on Greil and his comrade moves forward to attack the warden as well but his toss goes wide.

Greil stares at the Ursine warrior who's Javelins missed him. Pointing to his own eyes he then points towards the Warrior letting him know his actions will not be forgotten. Turning on heel Greil rushes off towards Warrior who's Javelins struck home. Bringing his hammer around in a wide arc he levels the Bear Stay down before you hurt yourself!

Phase of the Stars; HP: 80/88 AC:25 Fort: 26 Ref: 25 Will: 27 AP 1 Surges Used 1/9

Seeing the beast stumble a little bit, Rune steps forward to let loose a blast of focused energy in hopes to knock off his fur. Well I suppose you are taking care of the one in front of you Giant, let us scare these beasts off with more power no?

As Greil turns on the warrior attacking him, Orion darts around the tree and charges at the remaining beast. The warrior roars and brings it's arms down in a huge overhand strike, thinking to smash the tiny elf with a single hit. But Orion deftly sidesteps the attack and catches the arm, redirecting the bear's substantial momentum and throwing him like he was a stuffed toy.

With the first beast man dead Greil turns his attention to the nearby one whos been pelting him with javelins. Still in stride as he walks towards him he hits the bear-man with a devastating uppercut from his hammer, knocking him from his feet. He hits the ground with a thud, his head lolling to one side on his broke neck.

His initial target slain, Rune stops short and fires at the other javelin thrower, hitting him squarely is his energy blast.

Orion circles around the tree to come up next to the last ursine warrior, leaping into the air he drops onto furiously, wounding him. His comrades dead or unconscious the last beastman lets out a harrowing roar, the kind heard for miles around. His warning sent he makes a run for it past Orion and off into the rain.

Orion stands down and lets the last warrior escape and you soon lose sight of it in the rain and forest. You rejoin your Orcish Sailors for a moment to confer and catch your breath before heading into the dark forest yourselves in search of the Island's Lighthouse.

They set off deep into the forest of the island, attempting to follow the subtle signs of the ley-lines. Flowers that all grow east and the flow of clouds across the stars. But between the trees there is a deep brush and thousands of tiny streams cut through the rocky island. Each time they go down the slope of a stream's bank it seems there is no opening on the opposite side, and they must travel further and further upstream with every rivulet they cross, into the dark heart of the wood.

As they go deeper the moss grows thick and the as the night gets darker they lose the sounds of the birds and stalking beasts. The wind whispers through the trees, with what would be malevolence if they would talk. The thorns lash their sides and the adventurers would swear they stepped over roots that trip them. Long into the night they travel, and as they summit another culvert Rune trips at the crest, tumbling down the other side. When Greil and Orion find him he's stuck, waist up in the roots of a huge tree, with branches that span 50 feet and thick dark roots choking out the trees around him.

"My, you are an Ancient One, my Lord." the monk whispers as he touches bark of the tree, "My companions and I mean no trespass, Lord. In your woods we seek an ancient house, but it would be young to your roots. It is a house of men, built to withstand the dire colds of the Frost Trolls. We would beseech your safe passage, my Lord, for should those snows come they would be eternal and your branches would never more see Spring."

You know just because you use the stars power doesn't mean you should keep your head in the clouds Rune. Greil playfully chides the warforged as the group advances through the forest. The trees begin to space out and the terrain becomes rougher. A dip in the river leads then to a thin canyon where stars peak out from behind clouds. Soft dirt become jagged rock and the group traverses further. One of the first lessons I learned back when I was a pathfinder was to be keep my mouth shut when walking through an area like this lest we trigger anything. Greil says quietly.

As the group continues through the twisting rock a hissing sound can be heard. Turning a corner they find themselves at a that the rocks have thinned and in their place a float of crocodiles rests. many are spead out on the muddy banks while others are devouring some carrion on land. ah hang it Greil curses under his breath. Not enough land to go around 'em and we can't ford the river.. Glancing over at Orion Greil suddenly smiles. Monk I need you to trust me on this one. With his acknowledgement Greil has the monk leap to be on top of his shoulders. Rune stick to my back and make a spark shower if they get close. Standing up to his fully height, Greil grins, Alright lets think big. Walking out toward the edge of the group of Crocs Greil reverberates a low growl.


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