Scene 6: The Forrĉderiske Ĝer [Forbidden Isles]

Well it's not exactly my fault that trees don't exactly find the smooth feeling of metal inhabiting their land; plus their branches are covering my sight of the heavens. I need to be able to focus on the Cosmos to give me guidance in what we should be doing. Still a little annoyed at being held captive for a bit by a tree, Rune issues forth a spark shower to aid his allies in their face-off with the group of Crocs. Don't slip, I'm not so sure Orion will be happy with you if you both take a fall.

Following the Ley lines to their destination, Rune attempts to connect with the arcane magics in hopes of finding the correct path and not run into unforeseen obstacles marring their path. It seems if we continue to tap into this energy, we should be able to make it to the Lighthouses without too much trouble, at least based on direction.

The great oak's anger makes him deaf to Orion's pleas, and you can hear the creak of bending metal as Rune gets dragged deeper and deeper into the roots of the tree. When all you can see is the faint glow of the sorcerer's eyes and Greil prepares to hack the roots apart to free his companion Orion finally hears the leaves whispering in response. However it is not the great oak that he hears, but all of the trees around them. Born from his acorns these trees are not so gnarled and angry with age and with a sense of the winter that is coming they join the monk in pleading for Runes release. At the behest of his spawn the great oak reluctantly releases the warforge, startled but not too much worse for it.

In the next valley a river leads you towards your goal through a swamp and it isn't long before you run into a number of wild crocodiles. The large scaled beasts eye you suspiciously as Greil gestures for Orion's cooperation. Eventually you're able to cross the swamp without provoking the beast by appearing to dangerous and large to consume.

When at last you reach hard ground again the woods are thick and the forest is dark. Thankfully Rune is able to tune his senses to follow the ley-lines that cross the island and you are able to navigate through the dark of the wood.

The travelers crash through the darkness of the wood, their footsteps cracking fallen branches beneath them. As the pass the begin to notice a form, driven before them by their intruding noise. It is bright white among the darkness of the thick canopy. While at times it moves with great speed, it's endurance is faltering, and they do begin to see it's white hide has been slashed with red. After an hour of pursuit the stag is spent, and they find it in a clearing next to a bubbling brook. It's head lies upon a rock, young antlers just growing from the noble beasts crown. From the side of the pure-white hart's hindquarters a javelin protrudes, blood seeping down the Prince of the Forest's leg. Orion kneels at the Lord's side, and strokes the beast's neck. He motions his companions close to him, Greil to give water to the hart and for Rune to hold him while Orion removes the javelin. Beside him he sets a mound of moss and some vines, with which to bind the wound, and sets to work.

We must be getting close. Greil says between bites. He holds a dried hunk of meat in his hand while he slides his pack back on. The group having momentarily stopped to deal out rations resumes its search for the elusive lighthouse. You know I will say this, it is quite nice of ya to be with us Rune. he says looking to the warforged. If it were anybody else we'd have another mouth we'd need to feed! He chuckles and gains a spring in his step, taking point of the group as the continue through the winding forrest

Well perhaps you wouldn't have to worry too much about food if you weren't eating something every 5 minutes? You're starting to get a little chubby there Greil. Looking from his companion, Rune comes up across a small divide, about 20 feet across, from one side of a cliff to the other. The drop isn't far, perhaps 20 feet, but none the less Rune doesn't feel like going around to find if a bridge has been formed or perhaps a fallen tree. So he'll just use his own mechanical body to jump across and then push the tree on the other side down to help span the divide.

With a running start Rune leaps across the chasm, but as he does the soft ground at the lip of the divide crumbles under his weight and he is unable to propel himself far enough to grasp the ledge on the far side. Instead he crashes onto the rocks below. He is able to scramble up the far side and push over the dead tree so his companions may cross, but he's worse off for it.

Once across the ravine Greil is able to guide them through the forest, every hour or so he scrambles up a tree to find something to snack on and get their bearings, making sure to keep them on course towards the Lighthouse.

The forest is thick and the light is dim as Rune and Orion wait for Greil to come back down from his perch when Orion sees a flash of bright light moving through the forest. Just then the goliath drops to the ground and the white shape dashes off, and the three adventurers sprint after it out of instinct. Eventually the come across a wounded stag with a bright white coat, its hind wounded and bleeding bright crimson. With delicate skill Orion is able to remove the javelin and once the weapon is gone the animal heals astonishingly quickly. Within minutes the blood has stopped and it stands and skips off into the forest. Twenty feet away it stops and turns its head as if waiting for you to follow.
Some time later you follow the White Stag up the crest of a hill only for it to have disappeared when you reach the top. In front of you perhaps a quarter mile away you can see the Lighthouse, and around it some sort of village.

Approaching cautiously you discover the villagers are none other than the Ursine warriors you encountered on the beach. One of them perched at the top of the Lighthouse spots you and lets out a howl as you approach. When you step into the village you are met by a dozen warriors and another Ursine who is clearly their chieftain, his mane is braided in the style of the dwarves with bright colored ribbons in it and he is the only one brandishing a metal weapon.

As the group comes into sight with the chieftain Greil hastily lashes his hammer to his belt. Keeping his shield on his arm he slaps a fist to his chest performing a slight bow whilest keeping his eyes focused in front of him the whole time. Briefly breaking contact Greil nods towards Orion hoping the monk will provide pleasentries.

Though he has stowed his weapons Greil tries to remain vigilant of his surroundings. Despite the bulk of the Ursine warriors Greil attempts to spy into the village to see if he can gain any sort of understanding of the Ursine culture from his viewpoint.

After the humiliating fall, Rune can barely focus on anything else as they continue on their trek. Coming across the lighthouse and the Ursines, Rune's eyes shine a bright red in hopes of battle, but glancing at Greil he realizes that he should at least wait for the right moment to pounce on the enemy. Maybe they can actually talk their ways out of a situation for once, even if he does want to redeem himself for his weak display at athletics.

Do we want to split up a little bit or at least put a little space between us just in case we can attack them...or would it be best to wait it out and attack as one from one point? I have a way with my words, but clearly I cannot speak with them properly. Orion, anything you want me to say...for once?

In response to Greil's gesture the Ursine Chieftain lets out a growl of recognition and mimicss the Warden's gesture. Looking around the village Greil is overwhelmed by the sights, sounds and smells. While at first it appeared as if everything stopped when you entered, this is clearly not the case, most of the ursine villagers continue about their tasks as if you had not appeared, only the warriors and their Chieftain have gathered to meet you.

Orion bows deeply, "Go right ahead, my friend."

The monk takes a step back and looks up at the lighthouse.


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