Scene 6: The Forrĉderiske Ĝer [Forbidden Isles]

The air is still as you and the stand in uneasy silence, unable to find the words to say or even speak the same language you communicate through gesture and tone. While these creatures may be primitive they are by means stupid, they know that you are not here for them, but for the Lighthouse. Everything you can see indicates that the Lighthouse is very important to them, and they will not let you approach without knowing your intentions.

clearing his throat Greil steps forward. Unhitching his waterskin from his pack he takes a long drink from it before extending it to the chieftan. From there Greil tries to explain the groups coming. He waves his arm in a crescent motion for their jouney at sea, parades in a circles for their journey afoot, finally he bows again towards the Ursine chieftan before points towards the lighthouse. A smiles suddenly perks up at the corner of his lips. Quickly stepping back he points purposefully to the top of the lighthouse and then Rune. Shoving the warforged forward he leans in, Glow for them he whispers

The Ursine Chieftain waits cautiously while Greil acts out their journey to the island. When the goliath is finished the chief says a single word and one of his warriors immediately hands him a fistful of tinder and a large flintrock. Holding his greataxe just below the head he points it at you and then strikes the metal blade with the flint sending a shower of sparks into the tinder and catching it alight. He then points at the great stone Lighthouse behind him and turns back to look at you questioningly. When Greil nods cautiously in response, the chief grins wide showing great sharp teeth. He says something to his warriors and they relax and take their hands from their weapons.

He points again at the Lighthouse and uses the half of his greataxe to draw a picture of the sunrise in the dirt between you. Sunrise is still a whole night away and now the Ursine Chieftain brings you to their central fire where they serve you smoked meat and a very strong hard cider. As the night goes on you find it easier and easier to communicate with the Ursine despite the language barrier and at dawn the chief walks with you to the Lighthouse.

The door to the Lighthouse is open and the Ursine keep it under constant guard. Clearly it is important to them and they have great reverence for whomever built the great stone edifice. You are ushered inside and are joined by the village elder who is diligently using a hand-broom made of twigs to keep the inside of the Lighthouse clean. One of the warriors leaves a bucket of water and a ladle with you and the chief leaves you to your task.

As the adventurer's comb through the workings of the lighthouse they find, in the center of the second floor a large chest with pipes running in and out of it to the other machinery. Opening the lid they see a mass of tiny metal gears, sprockets, and wheels covered in tarnish and rust. These control valves in the pipes of the boxes, which Rune supposes controls the flow in the rest of the Lighthouse. So Orion gently sets a candle down near the edge of the box and begins to clean the damaged workings while the others investigate the rest of the Lighthouse.


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