Chat and Doom

Hey, grats on the new job, SB. Which is good, since it gives me the time I need to finish up things for the start of this game. Sorry it's been so slow.

Indeed, congrats on the new job SB!

I am finishing up my sheet bit by bit, mostly just in the equipment stage of things now. Ruben, would you mind going through my spreadsheet again and giving me some recs on equipment (namely in the vehicle/drone areas)?

Oh man, I hate suggesting equipment. It's the one part of Shadowrun that kind of bores me to tears. But I'll see what I can do.

For gear and other tweaks, I suggest you guys look at PACKS. One of the developers released his version of them for free, and I saved a copy. You guys can download it below.

I hope you like it too. Nothing's better than having a job you really like.

Do you mind telling us what you'll be doing? I'm kind of curious.

Oh, wow, that sounds highly interesting. I'm fairly familiar with them, as I run my sisters website (she sells cycling clothing). It's an important, and I'd expect, growing industry.

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