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I don't think it's necessary that you guys all know each other intimately or something. You could take the spirit of the century approach, where you create links like so:

You write a little novel (your "first run") and then two other players guest star in it. Then you do the same for them. What that does is it tends to create a web where you have people who know each other well and then folks who only know each other through a third party.

Here's a statblock for Pink Peril's character. I double checked the math and it looks all correct. I've been helping her with the sheet and all that. Still, other folks might take a look and point out if I missed anything.

Name (Leo)
Martial Artist
Body 5, Agility 5/8, Reaction 5/7, Strength 5/8, Willpower 3, Logic 3, Intuition 3, Charisma 4
Edge 4, Essence 3.1, Initiative 10, Matrix Init 9, Initiative Passes 3
Active Skills
Automatics 2 (+1), Blades 3 (+1), Climbing 2 (+1), Clubs 3 (+1), Computer 1, Con 2, Dodge 4 (+1), Disguise 2, Etiquette 2, Gymnastics 2 (+1), Infiltration 2 (+1), Leadership 2, Longarms 2 (+1), Negotiation 2, Palming 2 (+1), Perception 4, Pilot Ground Craft 1 (+1), Pistols 2 (+1), Running 2 (+1), Shadowing 2, Swimming 2 (+1), Unarmed Combat 6 (+1) (Krav Maga +2)
Knowledge Skills
Martial Arts 4, Military 2, Modern Weapons 2, Seattle Hangouts 2, Seattle Street Gangs 2, Security Procedures 2
Languages: English N, Japanese 2, Spanish 2
Positive Qualities:
Any SIN, undesirable credit history, or personal information on the Matrix that she wishes is burnt after 24 hours.
+1 die on Called Shots to disarm; Take Aim becomes a Free Action.
Martial Arts (Krav Maga),
Off the rack, basic bioware is considered delta grade for the purpsoes of interacting with a Type-O body (i.e., reduce Essence Cost b half, though nuyen prices remain the same). Their bodies are also filled with universally transplantable organs, so maybe they shouldn't brag too much about this talent.
Type-O System
Negative Qualities:
A mild allergy to a common substance (cigarette smoke). Symptoms are discomforting and distracting. Apply a -2 dice pool modifier to all tests made while a character experiences the symptoms.
The character receives a -2 dice pool modifier to any Willpower-related tests made when facing Black IC or BTLs. This does not include Damage Resistance Tests, but does apply to tests to jack out, log off, resist the effects of Psychotropic IC, or resist addiction.
When resisting damage from Simsense, the character receives a -2 dice pool modifier.
Sensitive Neural Structure,
Double all Essence losses caused by cyberware implants. This quality does not affect Essence losses for bioware.
Sensitive System
Martial Arts Maneuvers:
Characters with the Disarm maneuver may choose to go on Full Parry with a -4 dice pool modifier. If they successfully defend against the attack (i.e. they score more hits than their opponent), they knock the weapon out of their opponent's hand. This maneuver does no damage to the opponent.
A character with this maneuver who has succeeded in striking an opponent (whether damage is inflicted or not) may immediately follow that attack up with a move designed to finish the opponent off. This allows the character to make an immediate follow-up melee attack in the same Action Phase. Finishing Move counts as an interrupt action and uses up the character's next available action.
Finishing Move,
The Set-up maneuver allows a character to maneuver her opponent into a position where she is vulnerable to a follow-up attack. The character makes an attack test, inflicting no damage if successful. Instead, her net hits are added as dice pool bonus to the next attack she makes against that opponent. This maneuver is particularly effective when combined with Finishing Move.
When a character with the Sweep maneuver makes a successful Knockdown attack, she may choose to inflict damage as if it were a normal melee attack. Damage inflicted in this way is always Stun damage.
Exchange Commlink: Response 6, System 6, Firewall 6, Signal 6
Programs: Analyze 6, Browse 6, Command 6, Edit 6, Decrypt 6, ECCM 6, Encrypt 6, Reality Filter 6, Scan 6
+4 bonus to damage resistance tests. Deal (STR/2+3)P damage with unarmed attacks.
Bone Density Augmentation 4,
+1 dice pool modifier on any test involving physical skills that are linked to Physical attributes.
Enhanced Articulation,
Increase Strength by 3.
Muscle Augmentation 3,
Increase Agility by 3.
Muscle Toner,
Increase Ballistic and Impact ratings by 3. Compatable with armor.
Orthoskin 3,
Any time the user suffers 2 or more points of damage, the damage is instantly reduced by one point.
Platelet Factories,
Only three hours of sleep required per night. Can stay up 48 hours before modifiers start to take effect.
Sleep Regulator,
+2 Reaction and +2 Initiative passes.
Synaptic Booster 2
6/4; Fire Resistance 6, Nonconductivity 6, Thermal Damping 6
Armor Vest,
Damage: 5P; AP: -1; Mode: SA; RC: -
Ares Predator IV,
Damage: 5P; AP: -; Mode: BF/FA; RC: 2 (3)
Ingram Smartgun X,
Reach: 1; Damage: 5P; AP: -
Extendable Baton,
Reach: -; Damage: 5P; AP: -1
Survival Knife,
Reach: -; Damage: 7P; AP: -
Unarmed Attack
Equipment: AR Gloves, Concealable Holster,
Rating 2; Audio Enhancement 3, Spatial Recognizer
Rating 6; Low-Light, Flare Compensation, Image Link, Smartlink, Thermographic, Vision Enhancement 3
Rating 6
Medkit, Subvocal Microphone, Trauma Patch (2)
Physical Damage (10): 0
Stun Damage (10): 0
Matrix Damage: 0

I do like the idea of small connections, as a natural extension of being part of the Runner community, without a major outside connection...beyond the campaign focus of the betrayal of the Red-Eyed Johnson. Even if they knew each other, even if they were friends, they weren't a group...until revenge and the Exchange brought them together.

It seems I'm drifting closer and closer to the Oracle Technomancer. He probably would have been a free-lance info source, not affiliated with any particular group or fixer. And he would have the quirk of being willing to barter for obscure, forgotten, or secret information, even stuff of no particular his services would be available to the rich and the poor, depending on how much you were willing to tell him, what secrets you would tell.

That's a pretty interesting idea, Chimi. I like it.

Ok, just wanted that settled. I might sit back and see where others go before I pipe in my two cents, but I'll be thinking about it. We have the basic blocks covered for most SR groups. I'm sure I can fit in somewhere between Chimi and SB. I kind of like the idea of a mage focusing more on conjuring and assensing. Some useful info gathering to be done there that is harder to do technologically.

In other news, I think I might have found a fun portrait for Leo. At least this is a woman who looks like she has a high Strength and Body:

@edubs: I was thinking along the lines of a stage magician. Current thoughts were that he was actually quite good but had to leave Vegas due to fallings out with the locals. (As opposed to my earlier thought where he never quite hit the big time, that doesn't quite fit with a 500 point char!). He isn't an idealist, nor college educated.

The more I think about it the more I think that it makes sense for the RedEyedMan to have brought us together. Once you make all the chars knowledgeable of each other before the screw-job it starts to feel less likely. Still, it's an event and a half to bring us all together!

edit: I might be naive but I still see a role for traditional stage magicians and illusionists, even in a world with REAL mages :-)

Thanks for putting up my statblock, Save. Sorry to say, though, that isn't Leo. The person in the drawing definitely looks very tough, though. :-)

Ok, SB, sounds good to me. You lookin to make a con man, a cat burgler or both? I can take one of those as a secondary role if u don't want both, but sounds like u could do both. Looking like I will be the main astral support, which is fine with me. Looks like a well rounded team so far.

Anybody care to propose the nature of the job ole redeyes fragged us on?

Originally Posted by ShadowBright View Post
edit: I might be naive but I still see a role for traditional stage magicians and illusionists, even in a world with REAL mages :-)
No, this is very, very true. I think they're actually really good for runners. They're adept at misdirection, palming, and lock picking. All solid runner skills.


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