Character Creation Thread


@edubs: I had the impression we were all screwed individually?

I'm happy to take a con-man/cat burglar combo. I can always take one as secondary to allow someone else to take primary.

What're people thinking for metatypes? I'm leaning towards human, although he could probably go elf, ork, or dwarf if we wanted to avoid standard white human runners.

I am not going to lie - I would LOVE to play a technomancer. That being said, I will fill any roles needed as I was very late to the party.

I am not sure where I would fit in, most likely another hybrid character.

Well, here's the thing - there's nothing wrong with having two technomancers in a party. Heck, there are even some benefits. It's a remarkably versatile build (I mean who would complain about having two mages?) and if Chimi is going Infomancer that leaves a lot more combat-style hacking for you. I say play what you guys think is the most fun and damn the balance of the "team." I'll simply adjust runs for the team. It's no big deal.

And hey, it would really let me start getting into some of the fun Technomancer story stuff with two on the team.

I was actually kicking around the idea of a news breaker or conspiracy theorist or someone spreading a message through a digital underground of sorts. I haven't had a ton of time to think on it yet.

Chimi, you cool with a duo of Technos?

Crazy idea here: What if we were twin and had to work in tandem to accomplish tasks....or each of us would only get certain aspects of the info we were trying to acquire?...something a bit on the different side.

Huh, that's interesting. If you did do something like that I'd give you guys two free echoes: Resonance Link and the Enhanced Resonance Link.

However, if you do create dual technomancers I'd really recommend taking two different routes - one info and the other combat, stuff like that.

I will also be sharing beers with edubs in the next few days and hashing out some character ideas.

@Chimi - if you are interested in a relationship like that, then I will have edubs' character be a friend of mine.

@Ruben - if you have an interesting idea on how a symbiotic/parasitic relationship would work in the digital realm, I would be all ears.

@General Idea about the aforementioned concept (just in case Chimi is interested) - what if one of the twins gets stronger when doing work in their field and the other gets weaker. i.e. the 'combat' techno gets in to a fight with some Black IC and becomes a bit stronger but at the same time, the 'info' techno gets weaker in terms of techno abilities. However, when they team up on a techno-task, their reflexes, response, reactions, whatevers gain a boost due to the inherent connectedness of their genetics?

So, I got bored at my holiday festivities and worked up a new tradition for my magician. I added hooks into Technomancy, mostly to explain why a nature-magic type would be interested in the Exchange and hang out with otaku. Of course, if one of the Technomancers wants to build on it, they are more than welcome, but of course no pressure there. May try to talk laiced into it over the holidays tho...

Ruben, let me know if you want me to change anything, of course.

I'll take a better look tomorrow, edubs, but for now it looks all right. You've proven yourself to be a good player and I can't imagine anything you come up with will be great.


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