Character Creation Thread

Okay, did a better read through of that tradition. It's fully accepted as is and will be added to my own personal cannon as well. Feel free to add it into the rules section if you wish. That's some great work and I'm going to give you Mentor Spirit as a free Quality for your good work.

So, the extra 20 Karma: do we spend it before play starts or after? Do we need to make any rolls?

The karma can be spent directly after character-gen. I mostly added it so that folks could get a single initiation/echo under their belt or improve a quality or two. You can also hoard it if you wish. No training times or the like for that karma (unless you save it).

The only roll you need to make would be the starting nuyen roll. I set up a thread for that.

Dubs and I shared several beers tonight (can Gruit be classified as a beer?) and I think we are on to some pretty interesting ideas for the relationship between our characters.

I am still waiting on a response from Chimi about the TWIN idea for the Technomancers, so I will see what level of interest is expressed in that.

I would like to reiterate that Ruben's intention for the REBOOT is to get us congealed in to a more cohesive group with a more unified background. I think that we should respect that request, as it will undoubtedly make for better game play and continuity in the story.

I know that I am probably at the very bottom of the list for dependable IC connections, but I would love to draw at least one other person in to my background as a way to make this an actual team of runners who know each other and who work well together. Dubs and I are connected, and if it stays that way with no one else connecting backgrounds together, we might have well never rebooted the game at all, because the level of cohesion will be exactly the same.

Look at it this way - we have characters that are 100 karma points richer than our previous characters, so that four runs that have saved the city from massive mojo destruction closer that we should be as a team...AT LEAST. Let's get some dialogue going in the next week and reciprocate the love that Ruben has shown us by giving him a rich and intricate background full of hooks and devices to work with.....

I think I am gonna pass on the twins idea for this seems like it would work a lot better tabletop, since it would require a lot of coordination.

For background connections, I like the idea of them being a recent, but tested group...sure, they knew of one another in the Shadows before the Red-Eyed Johnson screwed them all, and some of them might have had personal connections, but the Screw, and the John Smith Job, united them, and they've done a bit since then. This lets them all know and trust each other, but still leaves room for some secrets...and lies. Which gives us a chance to grow the characters in play, get to know them by our characters getting to know each other. Maybe they figure this Phoenix Protocol might be a long-term thing, and start settling in as a team.

I guess I should clarify my desires for the group a bit more. While I do encourage entwined characters it's not strictly necessary. I definitely want a team that knows each other somewhat well and is willing to work together. But no one needs to be lifelong friends or anything. Granted connections will definitely help me plot games and bring in NPCs, but it's not completely mandatory.

What I really want are a few common interests and a reason that your group will hang together and pursue mutual goals. Which is the reason I included both the Red-Eyed Johnson and the Exchange. That gives you all both a short term and a long term goal. A really meaty hook that I can drape adventures around.

What I want to avoid is the previous scenario where it felt like I had tons of little individuals threads I had to constantly balance. And a group that didn't have a lot in common and fragmented quite a bit, forcing me to bring people together in a ham handed manner.

What I want to see in backgrounds are minor plot hooks and NPCs that I can slot into existing runs and plotlines to flesh the world out a bit more. Stomping grounds and regular hangouts that I can endanger (and if they're shared by multiple PCs all the better).

And yeah, you guys are a tested and competent group. The kind of group that's maybe a year or two from some really big scores and retiring to tiny little islands. One that's hungry enough to go after jobs but not so raw that everything is a challenge.

Right now it looks like we have a solid Hitter and a good Mage. Chimi is working on a Techno, so what you guys need at the moment is a good face man and a good thief.

Well that just puts me in to a dead stop. I am working on a Techno as well, and I am not so sure how he would do as a Face as secondary emphasis...not really in to his character build.

I want to stick with the Techno, but he can be much more of a n00b to it, having recently undergone the transformation. I will have some knife skills and can take another physical combat set to help out in that arena.

I could also look in to the Rigging aspect of things, but that would be trying to learn another ruleset for SR, and that may not be the best idea for completely understanding my role.

Ah, that's right! A stage magician turned thief. Looking forward to seeing him. I could also see a nice Face secondary with him.

On the technomancers, I'm going to strongly suggest that Chimi and laiced get together and hash out what matrix roles you want to play. Chimi is going a stealthy/info savant style technomancer, so I'd suggest you look more into real time combat hacking laiced. Or some other aspect. You can also help differentiate yourselves by taking on different secondary roles. Technomancers often have high Charisma, so a secondary Face isn't hard to do either.


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