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Is Kenas has stuff from it, its safe to say its allowed.
Didn't DB just recently say that it's not allowed unless he officially said so? No "if this is approved, then that must be approved as well" ? Or was that Menzo?

Btw, Removed

2 things, Travel.

1: you messed up linking the pdf. Don't use OOC tags, because you can't touch anything within because you're hovering over.
2: you can't link copy-righted materials on MW. This is a warning, since you might not know this.

Ah. Apologies.

^ that. And always ask first. Pm or what not. I thought that when I emailed you everything was clear.

I musta missed that. I'll ask him once I obtain a copy.

Also, we are not super upset, but we will be if you don't learn it right. Go ahead and refresh yourself to the rules if your confused.

Understood. The reason I thought this was okay was that it isn't a download. The link was just to a website that had some of the book up on it in Safari PDF.

I won't make the same mistake again.

@Mishra -- thats a pretty good rule to go on here or Menzo i would imagine.

The book is still copyrighted by the owner, and as such the site is hosting the book illegally unless they have the owners permission, which is very unlikely. So it's still not allowed here.

Don't worry about it, glad we're clear.

/end Mod stuff and now back to your regularly active OOC

I would still get permission. The thing(s) I have from that book were given specific permission.

Hey DB, have you read Hyperconscious by Bruce Cordell? I'm looking it over and there's some great stuff in it.
TravelLog: many moons ago, I kinda regret not buying it when I had disposable income. What about it?

Wrathgon was using a fair amount of Hyperconcious material in Menzo I.

Bruce Cordell some of my favorite 2e stuff also. Such as "the Illithiad: monstrous arcana" and probably the modules that went with it. That might just make him the author who came up with the "mindflayers are from a doomed future, sent back into the past" bit.


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