Jibberjabber III (OOC)

I just brought it up because you mentioned loving Psionics and it's frankly the only real support I've found for it that can be termed legitimate other than the Mind's Eye web enhancement on the Wizard's site.

I consider Hyperconcious to be about 250% more legit than Complete Psi... or the Mind's Eye web articles.

I absolutely agree. Complete Psi is...let's say less-than-stellar, and Mind's Eye, while a step in the right direction with things like the Psychic Rogue and the new powers (some of which are even good), also brought us disasters like the Sangehirn (which to this day I have never seen played by anyone, much less mentioned) and ridiculous monsters like the Arctic Cat.

Hyperconscious on the other hand seems to have actually involved thought! Probably because it actually had Bruce Cordell (who they for some reason didn't put in charge of Complete Psi).

TL;DR lol@Wizards

Just wait for DB to fix it, and you'll be good.

Mishra, by few I meant none. He assumed the samurai did. Him looking all evil and such.

Kentaro looks evil? Surely you jest.

And correct him IC.

ahh, I see it now, I saw an 'a' before 'few', thus changing the whole sentence.


The pic you linked is pretty firey and evil looking. At least his face and "cruel" expression.

Maybe im wrong.

He just saved a village from an onslaught of demons. He's a hero.

As for his tiresome face, well... the hordes of demons never end. It's tough being a hero.

Then why is EVERYTHING on fire? Thats not very saved....

Solo does it, without a word. xD
Are you going to edit, or can/should Solo respond.

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