Well Damn. No word over a month from Jimmy, should we call it? Or would you guys like me to NPC Mommut?

just NPC him for now and see if jimmy returns somewhere down the line. If that's okay with you that is. or you can NPC him for this scene and give him his Heroic sacrifice if Jimmy doesn't show up.

Okay, seriously, this is getting ridiculous. It's bad enough you hijack my Ally, now you simply have her disappear through a crucial encounter?

I did not have her simply disappear, I had her following your directions ' "No, Angelica. And I think the barbarian has the right idea, freeing the children is a priority. Problem is, can we find them and get them out without alerting the multitude. But then we have to break up Baron's hold over these people. Perhaps we can do both. Angelica, you and Laele are our stealthiest members. If you can find the children, release them and guide them outside, I think the barbarian and I can distract the crowd and sow some doubt." ' She is doing exactly the last direction you told her to do. Stealthily making her way to the children and trying to free them. Page 4 of scene 2. Sent her off to hide, she got ahead of them and has been making way through the temple following the children being returned to the cages. I will use Fury to speak at times I need, but I have never stopped you if needed to convo with her too and always do as requested from your character to her.


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