Apologies, I thought I had already submitted a post (pretty much the exact same as I just did)... must have gotten distracted before I sent it

Karma is a bitch... Was playing soccer last night and took a shot right to my nose!

Since I am assuming no one has anything to add or ask I will just continue on. Also Jimmy, are you bringing your familiar downstairs with you?

I keep thinking to myself, wow, Laele has a nice stealth pool. And the results of the rolls keep coming back one. Sorry about that Lars... At least they are not botching!

indeed this one is happy no botches are made, my first roll (attack) was 5 out of 7 and suddenly this one only gets 1 out of 8. A spectacular succes would be nice sometimes.

1 out of 8 while the Dragon-Blood NPC gets 4 out of 5, rivaling a church mouse in silence. Something's not right.

and there is the critical succes this one's lackadaisical rolling has been working forward to, hopefully pellaelin's fail won't screw us over.

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