Haha, it was only going to screw you guys over if one of them botched. Basically difficulty 0. Don't Botch since it was a rather simple action with everyone entranced towards the middle of the room. And I am glad you rolled well with using the excellency.

Mommut focused in on the boy dark skinned boy wearing animal skins... Mommut... The cage was hanging over the center of near the man speaking.
I think you mean Damon, yes?

I am hoping the exact same thing. I could prattle off more things he says... But I figured I would give them a chance to respond to your thoughts and such.

Still here, just busy and debating what to do.

Well, like I said in character, hack and slash looks out -- besides Baron almost certainly two orders of magnitude above all of us us combined, there's too many goons. I'm hoping Mommut has some decent social combat numbers.

Probably not, even if he did, he's fairly used to city folk tossing the "barbarian" term around interchangeably.

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