Scene 1 Missing Children of Nexus

Scene 1 Missing Children of Nexus

The scene opens in Nexus, near an old abandon house that is widely known for the homeless children that have become street rats in slums of Nexus. Children have been going missing and a twist of fate had pulled three children of the sun, to the front of the building at the same time in the most awkward of situations.
Pellaelin had come to Nexus, in search of the creations greatest mystery. Nexus has always been a cesspool of crime, the Blessed Isle has long since given up trying to rule Nexus and lets it function on its own accord. So of course it has become home to every lowlife that has ever wanted to function out of the eyes of the Blessed Isle. One mystery immediately caught his attention; children had been going missing all over Nexus. Mainly the homeless unwanted children, but also those of poor travelers passing through the city have been going missing. But our Exalted Detective was on the case. It led him to abandon house, watching and waiting for any sign of trouble. There was a woman examining each kid entering and exiting the building. Pallaelin moved in close, his sword drawn he put it towards her eyes turned to him, he noticed the throwing dagger in her hand, he noticed an odd thing that she was looking past him. Then he felt the ax head pose on his neck.
Mommut had been passing through Nexus with his tribe. Nexus welcomed trade from the nomadic tribes. Then Damon, one of the younglings of his tribe, went missing. Damon’s parents came to Mommut and implored him to find their child. He asked around, and found out many homeless children had gone missing. On a tip of a trader, he ended up watching the abandon house that gave shelter to many of the homeless street rats. When a man, trying to be stealthy moved across the way trying to make an escape. Mommut followed, and had his ax out once he realized the man was armed with a sword. He caught the man by surprise and had rested the ax head on the side of his neck, then noticed the woman the man was confronting who had been hidden in the shadows and had a throwing dagger aimed at him
Laele had taken up living at Nexus after deciding she needed to keep a low profile and hide from the Dragon blooded. Slowly she had been begun adjusting to the dark underbelly of creation known as Nexus, like she had done and had learned on the Blessed Isle Laele knew all of the happenings of Nexus. And there had been talk of underground cult speaking against the Dragon Bloods and then the children had started to go missing. So she had come here, to see if she could find out what was really going on. Things were quiet until a large man with a huge ax, and of all things a oxen following along side, sauntered up towards the house he turned direction and started veering in her direction. She pulled out a dagger and took aim. And as the man drew close, the tip of a sword rested in the middle of her chest.
Pellaelin stands with his sword pointed at Laele while she as her dagger aimed at Mommut, and Mommut has his ax resting on Pallaelin neck. Who will be the first to break the awkward and potentially deadly silence of this standoff?

Laele acts

'well, this is... new' Laele thinks to herself 'let's see how I get out of this shall we?'
putting her dagger away and stealthily ready another blade for a quick draw in her other hand hidden from the view of the others behind her body she begins to talk. "now what is this about, suddenly drawing a weapon on an unsuspecting person that's not gentlemanly at all isn't it?" she asks the other two people "I wonder why you would do that? trying to make trouble what would people think?" she tries to put her best offended tone to it. "now if only we could be civil and put the weapon's away?"

Mommut scoffed at the suggestion, the city was a dangerous place, full of liars, cheaters, murderers... You couldn't trust people here like you could on the plains.

"I act civil when it's safe... It's not safe... What are you doing here, at a house for children, sneaking around, armed?"

He realizes the same could be asked of him, but he knew his reasons were valid.

'not used to politics huh? it's never safe and if you didn't act civil then you'd be killed within the hour.' Laele thought 'well, let's see how much my lessons will work on a tribesman.'

"ah but one should know that this one isn't sneaking around at all, this one was merely resting in the shade to get away from the heat. And this one is only armed to protect herself from rough brutes with axes from the tribes who would see a pretty girl like me and lose their senses shouldn't one? Now why doesn't everybody put their weapons back and well talk it over?" Laele says to the two men.

""You first, madam. You're taking a lot of interest in my case."
He flicks his eyes back, "And you, lummox, are only wasting your time. I'd suggest looking to who has your back."
With that, Mommut can feel the point of a sword on his back as Fury Angelica places her blade against him.

Ah but this one doesn't wield any weapons at the moment, see? Laeles says and shows her empty hands What has the world come to that men can just attack an innocent woman in full daylight? she asks And it seems some even have backup to threaten with. Now just put that sword away so we can talk peacefully eh?

Does that act work on country dwellers? This is Nexus; everyone has a knife behind their back to catch marks unaware. I'll put mine down when your backup does.

"I want to know why all of your strangely show up here at the same time as me... What do you know about Damon and the others?" Mommut asserts, clear his axe isn't going anywhere until some says something of substance.
Double talking city-folk, I want answers...

As this interaction unfolds, a child scream breaks the stare downs the words are clear to all, "Let me go! Help!" Those that take the time to glance down the street see two men in black robes trying to drag a tattered clothed, thin boy away.


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