Scene 1 Missing Children of Nexus

Pellaelin takes the dirt sample and smears it on a small slab of ivory. He takes out a crystal magnifier and examines the smear for clues as to where in the sewers it came from.
(OOC: if this is an Investigation roll, I'm spending 4 personal motes for my 2nd Excellency)

Analyzing Evidence with Excellency
Dice Roll: 8d10s7az
d10 Results: 2, 9, 7, 4, 4, 7, 6, 10 (Total Successes = 5)
Intelligence+Investigation+Track Evidence+2nd Excellency (5)+2 auto successes= 7 Successes

Laele walks over and observes Pellaelin as he looks at what appears to be mud that the man is looking at through a magnifier.

Pellaelin gives the mud a hard looks through and thinks of everything and everywhere in Nexus that this would apply. He breaks the mud down to what he determines to be the same type of dirt that in under Nexus, then begins sorting through the particulates, fecal matter made up of fancier meats, and fruits. This means that this man was not sledging through the sewers of the slum districts as much as he was going through that of the wealthy aristocratic district of town. That narrows it down since the well off of Nexus typically live in the gated community referred to as the Heights. So that narrowed the search down within down to a 2 square mile area of the city.

Did you find anything interesting? This one would like to work together on this particular errand. Our goals are the same and working with a professional is always nice. Laele told the man when he seemed done with his work. This one's name is Laele. Also this one hopes for a fruitful combination of strength.

Mommut gives a discerning glance to the others assembled.

Ever since his boyhood events he had been an outsider. Not an outcast by any means, but was certainly given special and different treatment; more was expected of him at all times, always looked up to for aid. Working with others as equals was going to be... different.

Pellaelin looks up from his ivory slab, "Our friend here is likely to be unconscious for some time. Pity. I'd like to see him confirm that his temple is in the sewers of the Heights. His partner's shoes told me what I need to know."

Then Pellaelin looks to Laele, "Pellaelin, consulting detective. This is my associate, Fury Angelica."
He gestures to the one-eyed Dragon-Blooded swordswoman, "and you are a long way from the Blessed Isle, Dynast."

After Pellaelin introduces the himself and Fury Angelica. Angelica walks overs to Mommut. "And yourself tribesman? You seem to be looking for a child of your own. Dovan was it? Are you to join us or do you work alone?" No outward signs have been shown from any that each of of the four gathered are Exalted. With the exclusion of Pellaelin and Fury Angelica no one knows that others are Exalted. Either way groups course of action. Behind where the group stands their is the house for homeless kids, then Pellaelin has uncovered that there may be something to be found within the Heights.

Mommut gives a single nod in response. "I am the chosen leader of my people. One of our youngones was taken, Damon, I hope to find him before the tribe returns to our lands. I will do what I must to recover the boy, and if our goals are aligned to that end, so be it." The man doesn't appear to be intentionally abbrasive, but also seems generally uncomfortable.

You flatter this one good sir, this one sadly is only of a minor family and as such can lay no claim on the title of Dynast. Though it is true this one was born on the blessed isle. Laele answers Pellaelin

"Your dialect of Low Realm says Blessed Isle, but your diction says Dynast. Referring to yourself as 'this one' is the norm in High Realm. Given that this is most certainly a habit learned as a child, you are undoubtedly from a Great House.

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