Scene 1 Missing Children of Nexus

Fury Angelica looks around at the three and the bull, "So what is the plan folks? The kids abandon house to see what they know? Or going to the Heights right away and trying to find these cultists worship place?"

"This Lord Baron is obviously a very wealthy and well-connected man. It would be best not to confront him without more intelligence on him and his group. The children may be the most efficient place to start."

Looking to the house, they could see it had fallen into a state of disrepair; most of the windows had been broken out, the front door hands clumsily on one hinge, the stairs up to the house and the front deck have holes and missing boards. The place clearly has just been forgotten given its location in the slums and all the work it would take to turn it into a profitable property. Plus it gave a place for all the street rats to go infest so the patrols turned a blind eye to it.
As the group carefully made their way onto the porch they heard a muffled cry of "There coming in! Hide!" Followed by the sounds of multiple skittering of feet, closing of cabinets or doors, then followed by silence.

Mommut chuckles a bit at the childrens' antics; typical, but still amusing every time. He marches up the steps, careful to avoid the holes, and knocks loudly on the door.

No response from Mommut knocking besides the door falling further off of their hinges. The house is completely silent.

"I think we're going to have to come to them. Given my last experience with one of the urchins, I will let you and Laele talk to them."

Mommut shrugs and opens the door, peering inside for a moment before fully crossing the threshold. "Damon?" He calls out in an authoritative tone. He doubts it will be that easy, but that doesn't mean that one should not try.

Mommut looking around the inside of the house
Dice Roll: 6d10s7az
d10 Results: 9, 9, 7, 9, 10, 4 (Total Successes = 6)
Perception+ Awareness (6)

Mommut walks into the house and calls out for Damon. Though no call comes back he hears shifting in three locations upstairs that he could with confidence guide to once going up the rickety stairs which he recommends stepping over the second and fifth step since he believes would support a small child would never support a full grown adult. He hears movement within a pantry that he can see through the dining room and connected open (No wall dividing) kitchen. And he hears movement in a old broken down sofa. Also, he begins to notice the house also has a rat problem and hears a few in the walls and see's one skeeter into a hole just as he entered. Mommut believes their to be five children in the house, on this floor in pantry and in couch, and could guide himself to the other three upstairs.

Pellaelin, if you are not going to talk to the children, this one asks you if you would look after the two men who tried to kidnap that child earlier. This one believes a possible infiltration of the group that belongs to the Lord Baron would be easier if we had the correct clothing and extra information from the two others. Having said that Laele joined Mommut in trying to talk to the children.

Looking around the inside of the house with Mommut
Dice Roll: 5d10s7az
d10 Results: 9, 4, 9, 6, 3 (Total Successes = 2)
Perception+Awareness (2)

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