Scene 1 Missing Children of Nexus

Ah, this one would save you if there was need. This one will protect you and try to save your friends if she is able. Laele said to the girl And to save them this one needs to find them. Do you have any idea to help me find your friends? still hugging the girl

The girl looks past Laele to the boy, "Jon had been taken and came back. He knows more then any of us."
The boy, Jon, looks at Laele and Mommut. Clearly, they could see the internal debate going on in his face then he sighed deeply, "They had took me near the gated rich people community. They opened this secret door that led down to the sewers underneath and started taking me further in, as we drew closer a chanting started, something about giving their lives over to the Unconquered Sun, and eventually even my captors were joining in like they were hypnotized or something. That gave me a chance, I grabbed one of their knifes stabbed one and then ran. I climbed up a manhole and then climbed the fence around the community and came back here to warn everyone else."

Mommut nods to the boy "You did well... hopefully we are not too late to save Damon. Do you think you could be brave and lead us back to this place?"

Jon nods. "I can get you to where the secret passage. It was a particular lion head on the wall surrounding the rich part of town. One of the cultist pricked his finger on the tooth and let a couple of drops fall in its mouth. Then the wall rose up to reveal a staircase."

This one thinks one can only use blood from members so this one suggest one takes some blood from the men in case that is so. Laele says to the man this one thinks it would be embarrasing to make such a mistake and fail because of that.

Mommut nods in agreement, that is certainly not something he would have thought of. Walking over to the cultist, Mommut lines up and unloads a punch to the nose, hoping to make him bleed a little and give them a head start. By the time he woke up he suspects the cult would be aware of their presence anyway.

Mommut walks out of the house, and walks to the the cultist smashing his nose with a huge fist and knocking the cultist right back out. The group compares notes and Pellaelin finishes cutting out the orichalcum designs off the back of the cloak. Fury Angelica takes out a vial and fills it with the blood of the cultist and hands it to Pellaelin. The group then follows Jon to the outer walls of The Heights.


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