Name: Oric
Age: 19
Race/Class: Ogre

Every army needs hand to hand fighters. Nimu and Guurb can go range, I think Oric is going to be a up front fighter.

In two levels, if I survive, can I take the following feat?
Gigantic Weapon http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Giganti...283.5e_Feat%29

With my sizing weapon, I can make it a Huge weapon and take a -2 on attack. If I have this feat I could make the battle axe a colossal weapon and still wild it with a -2 to attack. Just thinking that will be cool. I'm have fun with this sizing feat; it's a little thing but a cool effect and useful.

Monkey grip does the same thing but it's not homebuew

I'm going to add my extra attrub points I get from leveling to my str. because I keep wielding a huge or colossal weapon. That's why I'm thinking my decendance are going to be War Trolls because of the effects of the ring and the size of the weapon Oric keep using.

Most of the time Oric will be hunting for the Tusked Beasts to learn more about them. Basically try to train the Young Tusked Beasts to be mounts and the Wild Adults Tusked Beasts as food and crafting materials. Use my leatherworking skill to build Hide armor, Leather armor and Riding Harness, Carrying Harness, Pulling Harness for the Young Tusked Beast when we get one as a mount. When Oric is in camp he will become the primary feeder of the Plant Creatures to start develop a bond between him and the Plant Creatures so when he becomes a Beast Master the link will be already there. In one of the common room/ war room, Oric will paint a map of the area using his painting skill. Every time he comes back from a hunting party he will go to the map area and extend the map or correct any false areas. Also, when he is out he will use his survival skill to continue to expand that lookout area or scouting point that can see the entire area when Oric rolled a 20. Oric will try to hide it so no one can find it accept an Ogre that know where it is.
This is where you should be posting this sort of thing, its made private so only you and I can see it.

Originally Posted by phoerix View Post
This is where you should be posting this sort of thing, its made private so only you and I can see it.
Ok, I was wondering why the flash forward area went in the archive folder.

Oric took Ranger. Can I save my faverite enemy until the Ogers go to war? If i have to choose it then its going to be Outsider (demons). Will we be runing into them?

Evil Outsiders, not just demons, and yeah, you do have to choose now, though Animal/Magical Beast might be a tad more helpful to you.

The infernals are definitely going to come into play as the game goes on, two of the groups have already had bumps with them actually. So, take it all for what you will

Choises, choises, choises wow, Animal/Magical Beast/Infernal. I think he is going to take Magical Beast. thanks for the update. Next lvl its going to be Beast Master. Just wondering what lvl will my animal companon, Oric will be (4th Ogre/ 1st Ranger/ 1st Beast Master) so will it be 9th lvl or (1st Ranger + 1st lvl Beast Master) so it will be 5th lvl or (1st lvl Beast Master) so it will be 4th lvl?

Its a long way away but just wondering.

Only the ranger and beast master levels will count to stack. And you can have animal+magical beast, since they're both pretty small subsets

How long is it going to take judging from the age of the creatures and the training befor we can start using for tasked beasts of burdens? Pulling/carrying stuff, riding mounts like elephants. I would like to ride them to the tournement to impress everyone but I think they are to young and it's to early in their training.

Way too young, it'll take at least a year, and closer to two to 4. The next flash forward may be around a year or so, depending on what happens in the meanwhile, so don't worry about it taking forever


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