Low-light lets you see color, and is occasionally useful when darkvision isn't, so they don't interact together.

Because you've stuck around and done a good job, Beastmaster will also advance Ranger casting, so you'll have 9'th level ranger casting, 1 first level spell per day and 0 second level spells per day, plus any your wisdom would entitle you to through bonus spells.

What would you like for your pets? There will have been sufficient time to have domesticated the tendriculos and the tusk beast, so either are appropriate I believe.

Ok, aw, I see on the Low-light.
Very cool, ranger casting.

I'm ok any pets. Surprise me.

1st Pet (14 HD): tusk beast or tendriculos
2nd Pet (11 HD): tusk beast or tendriculos
3rd Pet (8 HD): (some kind of flying beast for scouting)

I might be changing my ability attributes from 2 str to wis. I will check the numbers.


It might help the old Gods power level with Oric taking the True Believer feat.

Thats fine with me to take

I know it was ok because you told me awhile back it was. I was just comment to help keep the old Gods from loosing all there power to the new gods.

Thanks for the Ranger spells. hehe, Can I get the favor Enemy upto 9th lvl too?

Are you going to a spec sheet on my Animal Companions three? And since the arena battle is almost over should I go ahead and start changing my char sheet?

Favored enemy I'm going to keep at what it should be.

I might make one up for them, we'll see. You've got a tendriculos and a tusked beast, and something else I've not decided on, though I haven't decided which is which in the hd slots. Feel free to start changing your sheet now, if you like

Ok, I will start changing character sheet. I will have my list of magic items today or tomorrow for you to look and validate for the jump.
Can we get some potions like "potions of heal"?

I'm guessing Guurb is going to give up when he posts next but I do not know.

I believe the winner will presented a grand prize from the Yuan-Ti lord with a weapon suited to his unique fighting style.
What kind of idem will they be handing out for the grand prize? So I can know what to exclude from my jump list.

If I do win. Can you give me either magical spear or Gloves of Endless Javelins (but it creates large or huge Javelins because I like to fight with big weapons.) MC pg 194.

I've got a weapon in store for you, worry not it will be a projectile, so don't worry on that vein.

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