I do not think my Brutal Throw can work with projectile weapons. Can I change it? I still have a change to loosing the fight. Its not wrote in stone until Guurb goes out or neg. The dice is fickal and they might turn on me.

I'm going to wait until after the fight to finish my magic-item list for the jump.

Heh, I can not beleave it. I lost. Do I get a consolation prize for second place? When the dice goes against you that's how it goes.

That was pretty amazing. You get a +1 returning, seeking shortspear, sized for you, and an anklet of translocation, which lets you teleport twice a day 10 feet as a swift action. Which would have been a godsend for you in that fight, lol.

Yes, anklet of translocation would have been really handy. I'm glad he won. It works better for the Oger clan. At least I took out last years champion. I'm guessing we lost our shaman. She has not posted in a long while.

Yeah, it is sad, ah well

Thanks for the price and size appr. I'm cool with that. Can I get a huge short spear? If your ok with it? I'm thinking about adding to my jump magic list Strongarm bracers (MIC 136) which will allow me use one size up weapons without penalty.

I would like to change my Large +2 Mitheral Chainmail into Large +3 Mitheral Chainmail of Displacement and Ghost Ward.
A silvery shiny Mitheral Chainmail armor is not in Oric the beastmaster's style but I do like the Chain mail armor bonus of 5 and the Mitheral properties that do not hamper movement. I will like the same armor attributes but make it Displacer Beast Hide or Bark wood scales which will explain the armor bonus, Displacement and Ghost Ward effects.
+5 Armor is 25000gp - 4000gp (+2 Mitheral Chainmail) = 21000gp value cost from jump treasure

Any word on the Huge +1 ShortSpear of Seeking and Returning instead of a Large ShortSpear?

Face: Blindfold of True Darkness - (9000 gp) MiC 75
Head: Scouts headband (Oric has before Story Jump)
Throat: Gem of Glitterdepth - (4500 gp) MiC 104
Cloak of resistance +4 - (16000 gp) DMG 253
Body: Change (+2 Mitheral Chain to +3 Mitheral Chain of Displacement and Ghost Ward) - (21000 gp) MiC 10, 11
Torso: Winged Vest - (12000 gp) MiC 195
Hands: Gauntlets of Extended Range - (2000 gp) MiC 103
Arms: Strongarm bracers - (6000 gp) MiC 139
Waist: Healling belt (Oric has before Story Jump)
Feet: Anklet of Translocation (Oric has before Story Jump) MiC 71

Ring (1): Ring of Regeneration (Oric has before Story Jump)
Ring (2): Ring of Freedom of Movement - (40000 gp) DMG 232

Battle bridle - (9000 gp) MiC 151
Crystal of Mind Cloaking, greater - (10000 gp) MiC 25

Total (130000): 129500

Did I do it correctly and are you ok with it?

In addition to hunting, exploring, leather working, training tusked beasts to be mounts, Oric will be training the tendriculos
to be guard dogs. If you are ok with that. When the Ogers go to a battle, we go to destroy.

The huge spear is fine with me I need to go over your calculations more closely, but it looks fine

And of course the tendriculos are being trained


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