The Original OOC Thread

hypedrive sled is a good idea.
Opens up lots of options and makes sense for the setup.
Looking forward to following y'alls adventures.

Hey guys! I'm lurking your game. I'll make comments if that's OK. If you'd rather I stay in the shadows, just let me know.

Even with the hyperdrive sled, the options available for interceptors at CL 6 are a bit scary. Very low HP, very weak weapons. That could be fun to RP, but it could also be dangerous. I'm not sure you want to go there, but you may want to consider letting players start with a higher CL ship (maybe 7 or even 8) with one or more downgrades: maybe the droid socket is non functional, maybe one of the weapons systems was removed, maybe a special debilitating template.

Just a thought.

Bummer, I was hinda hoping our ships wouldn't have hyperdrives at all. Felt more "living by the skin of the teeth" (except for races which don't have teeth. or skin) than having the ability to run away that hyperdrives provide. Oh well, such is life.

thatdamncoyote was on today, but didn't accept the invite to GM. Not sure what is going on there.

The reason ships have hyperdrives is because I felt that entirely in-system missions would get pretty boring after a while.

As for TDC... I'm talking to him, don't worry.

I meant out ships wouldn't have hyperdrive, but we'd have a mothership that did. So everyone would be bound to the mothership.

Like a half-dozen TIE fighters on a small cruiser type of situation.

Then you are just playing a Cowboy Bebop game, no? (Nothing wrong with that at all, however)

Actually, yeah, it would be quite Cowboy Bebop I suppose. Small tactical fighters hauled along by a big ship with a crew of oddballs out to make as much money as they can, while avoiding any sort of real responsibility? That doesn't sound Bebop at all, would it?

PS- Edit- probably a moot point of discussion.

Yeah, totally moot, but that would totally make it Cowboy Bebop (with a slight less focus on Bounties, maybe), but there are worse things to aspire to.
I'm pretty sure there is that light freighter that has the big storage container on the side that can work as a hangar that would be perfect (without having to have a frigate or corvette). Not sure of its name or book at the moment.

Are you talking about the Wayfarer?

I don't think it can carry six ships. You'd need a capital ship with a hanger in order to carry six ships. But there do exist capital ships that require a relatively small crew.


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