The Original OOC Thread

Could always be a custom jobber. An UGLY Wayfarer where someone glued a hanger onto the opposite side as well, but now the damn thing can't land on a planet.

Sorry, I keep meaning to not continue the subject, but I keep continuing the subject :P

The problem is that any ship in the game that can carry six fighters can carry turbolasers and things, at which point you could just cruise in that. Or just sell it for like half a million.


If you want to do the carrier ship idea on a shoestring budget, you want...

Gallofree Yards GR-75 Medium Transport
Cost: 125,000 used (less than the cost of two of your starfighters)
Crew: 6 (so the starfighter pilots themselves could serve as crew)
Passengers: 40 (room for prisoners, NPCs, fashion consultants...)
Cargo: 19,000 tons

Convert 16,000 tons of cargo into one massive hanger bay. That's enough for:
8 gargantuan starfighters OR
40 huge starfighters
In other words, you'd have room in the hanger for captured enemy starfigthters. This is immensely important--probably the fastest way to get a better fighter.

The problem with that, in my mind, is that that still leaves 60 EPs worth of room, and that's a lot more than I'd like to just give out.

...Though come to think of it...

Could just say the structure is too rickety to have a turbo laser.


You could allow the crew to stick in a turbo laser for the sheer absurdity of it, rather like an AC-130 gunship with a howitzer in the ass.

Well, one way to think about it is....

The pilots are going to want to be modifying their starfighters rather than the piece-of-junk capital ship that carries them; especially if the long term plan has them all flying ships with hyperdrives. Also, why make the investment in capital ship mods when hyperdrive mods on the starfighters are so cheap?

Additionally, I feel it would help the group RP better if we had a place to meet regularly without having it have to be a random bar planetside. Having a home base would give us more potential for RP when we're not on the ground.

It'd also give us a way to board ships pirate-style, something that would be impossible with plain old starfighters.

The only immediate thing I'd see that we'd want to upgrade ASAP would be to get a tractor beam. Its utility would be just about perfect, particularly if we end up getting in the habit of trying to take ships mid-combat.

That would also allow some NPC crew that can help with mission briefing (quest assignments) and such.

Okay, first off, some news.

TDC has, after taking a few days to think about it, decided that he can't take on this game right now after all. So I'm going to find us a +1, but it may take me a day or two to make up my mind there.

Second, I think I've figured out what I want to do in terms of a starter ship. Long story short? Hangars are nonstandard in medium transports. So ripping out the passenger quarters, which gives you an additional 10 EP, and converting all but 400 tons of cargo, you get enough hangar for four Gargantuan and four Huge fighters, plus a docking clamp for the odd shuttle or if all of you end up in Gargantuan fighters. Sound good?

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