The Original OOC Thread

Rotating GM games are not for everybody, that is for sure.

As for the ship:
Sounds good. Staff it with a cranky, curmudgeony pilot/mechanic droid for when the PC's leave it and good to go.

Let me know if I should stop being the peanut gallery, please. This is going to be fun to watch.

...So I did the math wrong on the cargo space. You end up with 200 tons of cargo. I still figure this'll be fine, though.

200 tons is a lot of loot. More than a donkey and a wagon can haul to town, so we should be good.

Does that mean we are losing the free hyperdrive sleds?

Yeah, we're losing the free hyperdrive sleds. C'mon, a medium transport is totally cooler than those lame things, right?

I'd also like to make the suggestion that the Novasword be made unavailable as a starter ship.

Of the available options, it has the highest Dex modifier and the highest armor, and the second highest shields hp, Int modifier, and speed, It also sports a concussion missile tube, a hyperdrive, passenger space, and heck, even the highest amount of consumables.

My only reasonable explanation for this is that the CL for it was a typo. There is no way that that is only a CL 6 ship. Honestly, it has almost the same stats as the X-Wing, which is a CL 9 ship.

Just something to think about.

...That... seems a little much, yes. Thoughts from everyone else?

Also: progress on the +1 front. More later.

I got no problem with disallowing it.

I plan on flying something weak anyway, something Ugly-ish. Maybe glue some parts from pre-Clone Wars to something post-Clone Wars and call it a day. It'll feel nicer when I get something better that way.

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