The Original OOC Thread

Rocks for me.

Pity about TDC.

Rotating GM games are not for everybody, that is for sure.

As for the ship:
Sounds good. Staff it with a cranky, curmudgeony pilot/mechanic droid for when the PC's leave it and good to go.

Let me know if I should stop being the peanut gallery, please. This is going to be fun to watch.

...So I did the math wrong on the cargo space. You end up with 200 tons of cargo. I still figure this'll be fine, though.

200 tons is a lot of loot. More than a donkey and a wagon can haul to town, so we should be good.

Does that mean we are losing the free hyperdrive sleds?

Yeah, we're losing the free hyperdrive sleds. C'mon, a medium transport is totally cooler than those lame things, right?

Definitely will create better RP situations, imo.

I'd also like to make the suggestion that the Novasword be made unavailable as a starter ship.

Of the available options, it has the highest Dex modifier and the highest armor, and the second highest shields hp, Int modifier, and speed, It also sports a concussion missile tube, a hyperdrive, passenger space, and heck, even the highest amount of consumables.

My only reasonable explanation for this is that the CL for it was a typo. There is no way that that is only a CL 6 ship. Honestly, it has almost the same stats as the X-Wing, which is a CL 9 ship.

Just something to think about.

...That... seems a little much, yes. Thoughts from everyone else?

Also: progress on the +1 front. More later.

I got no problem with disallowing it.

I plan on flying something weak anyway, something Ugly-ish. Maybe glue some parts from pre-Clone Wars to something post-Clone Wars and call it a day. It'll feel nicer when I get something better that way.

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