Applications - Champions of the Enchanted Lands

Sabrina Lyonesse, Religious Enforcer and Crusader of Kord
Human (Longtooth Shifter), Paladin (MC Barbarian), Son (Daughter) of Mercy
"Trust me...considering what you deserve, this IS a mercy."

(OOC: I don't have the CB, so I just used the Myth-Weavers sheet here. I hope that's alright.)

Cicero Krosse
Human, Paladin|Rogue (MC Bard), Daring Blade

Half-elven warlock touched by Fate

Finaly, here his is, Elic the Warlock|Assassin (executioner)

I reflavored my Fey Beast Companion to the construct and my Scout Homunculus familiar to a demon companion.

Mord Bonesplinter, Barbarian Diplomat

Name: Mord Bonesplinter
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Race: Human(Orc)
Class: Barbarian


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