Water Pillars


Allyria frowns, peering into the room, her eyes already adjusted to the darkness. She had turned away the minute she saw the elven zombie stripping down to bathe, though some part of her was wondering what it would like to not be covered in dust and dungeon grime. With the ogre's request for parsley, she decided to stay back in the shadows. From what she could remember, most other monsters didn't care much for drow, and she certainly didn't want to get bashed for looking like something she really wasn't.

ZhuGuan, half-elf

ZhuGuan takes a step back and arches a curious eyebrow. Parsley? I'm more of a cilantro or possibly basil man myself he says somewhat wistfully. I wonder if I'll ever have a chance for any of that, he thinks quietly to himself before focusing back at the big brute.

"Parley!" He shouts loudly over the rushing sound of water.

The ogre looks around somewhat insecurely as Guan accepts his offer of parley. It looks as if he wants to lower his weapon, but isn't sure if he can trust them enough to do so.

Malklyr steps into the room with a spell ready, but seeing the Ogre seemingly wanting to stand down, the Drow leans up against the wall and waits to see how this unfolds.

"why does this guy keep saying parsly? does he want to season john and make him into some raviloli cause he is already dead and probably taste horrible?" saying as mike slowing steps away.

"You have powerful magic. So I respect you now. I not crush you like tiny ants. I can crush giant ants too though." says the ogre. He looks around as John reappears. "I'm sorry I break your face so much."

ZhuGuan, half-elf

"What are you doing here? You wouldn't know a bunch of kobolds by chance would you?" asks the strange ogre. ZhuGuan looks at the others and shrugs.

John looks at the others "So is it ok if we continue talking after I get my clothes on... If not then I'll talk naked." John cautiously moves to his clothes not wanting to anger the ogre that almost killed him with one him.

"I here because I'm safe from the rats, strangle things and stinging flies. Orcs killed the little kobolds, and the other lizards."
explains the ogre.


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