Water Pillars


Vicky sheaths her sword. 'Why, we actually managed to avoid bloodshed for once,' she mentally rejoices. 'Good thing, too, because I'm fairly certain it would've been our blood first.' She looks a bit uncertain at the ogre, unsure what exactly he meant earlier. For the moment, she decides not to press the point unless he does first.

"We've encountered rats, flying things that strangle and the flies you speak of. But not the orcs. Where are they?" she asks the ogre.

"Orcs? They are in this dungeon too. I not sure which way they go after they pick fight with lizards." explains the ogre as he screws his face up trying to think.

Allyria - Drow Sorceress

"Seems like the orcs don't play well with others..." Allyria murmurs, edging into the room to stand closer to the rest of her party, keeping her eyes purposefully on the floor until John puts some pants on at least.

Carefully John puts on his clothes keeping an eye on the ogre and listening to the conversation.

"Orcs are my friends.... I come here with them. Orghar my good friend and boss, but I not with them no more. Longtail... name sound familiar, but.... I... hmmm..." The ogre scratches his head as if the motion will make his brain function better. "I not sure..."

"Oh... greetings. I'm Bragdor. Do you have names also?"

I am called Malklyr, the Drow responds
Dice Roll: 1d20-1
d20 Results: 10 (Total = 9)
watching the ogre for any tells that he may be bluffing with his friendliness.


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