Rooms in Region A

You said you were having labeling the areas... how about gargantuan creatures with letters as the portraits? Might be the easiest way in maptools.

Or or put a little number in the room we explored in order and... dang it I just lost my train.

I was thinking that, but I really wanted something transparent... I may just go that route to be done with it.

Added some more room information. Still incomplete. The map doesn't show the interior of Room 37 yet.

Is there a 'you are here' arrow?

And I cant see a way to zoom. It seems the only 2 ways we havent tried are east (off the map) and south near room 15 (off the map).

Lastly, where were we with the clsoed door just before all of this?

If you need to zoom, the best way to do that is by either using "CTRL +" to increase the size of your screen in your browser, or by downloading the picture from the source and zooming in on your device.


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