Chapter 2: The Lizard Hunt

Nymeria walks up a moment later. "Why aren't these two in the cages? You and you," she shouts to a pair of duerger, "grab these kobolds and throw them in the rolling pens! And you lot," she says, turning to look at you, "why are you still standing here. Get in there and get the rest of them. Two is hardly enough to call it a day."

Eduardo makes a bow to Nymeria, right away, your ladyship. We were merely awaiting your arrival to ensure that you were briefed of the situation. He straightens up, smiling, I am a bit curious . . . does the ladyship know Draconic, or the language these kobods use?

Whatever the answer is, Eduardo is going to get ready to head into the cave, motioning for Gruunk to lead. Fortune, Abeya, please keep an eye out for traps.

"Fah! Why would I speak the language of this... filth?" Nymeria responds. "You cannot possibly expect me to converse with this trash, can you? Now get in there and get those kobolds!"


When Nymeria is in that mood, there is no use trying to do anything but obey her commands. Either that, or face a round of serious whipping or worse. Fortune simply nods and falls in line to continue. It is not until she is out of range of Nymeria's ear before she speaks again.

"Careful when you move forward, Gruunk. There will be more traps around," she says fairly softly. She also keeps her eyes and ears open for anything unusual. "If we meet the kobolds at wrong terms -- that is, when we're at a severe disadvantage, let us temporarily retreat and fight them on better terms. I got a trick of my sleeve for the sorcerer, though. Stay ready in case he comes flying towards you. Not voluntarily, mind you."

Nodding a Nymeria for fear of a beating if she speaks, Abeylla heads off ahead of the others, muttering something about scouting. Moving cautiously and looking for traps or ambushes. Using her skills to try and remain off radar, the woman does her best to keep up the pace without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Gruunk Bloodfist
Half-orc Barbarian (Berserker)
Current HP: 45/45 Bloodied: 22
Healing Surges Used: 1/9 (11)
Resources Used:


Gruunk nods and heads off down into the cave. He keeps his eyes open for further mantraps and is ready to defend his companions.

Eduardo lets the half-orc lead the way, and follows behind, keeping an eye out for whatever may be coming. Come on, Tarner, get moving already, and bring up the rear. He frowns as he looks around the cavern, but doesn't say anything as the party moves on.

You move up into the cave with Abeylla leading. Hiding in the shadows, she's easily able to see the outlines of another set of man-traps guarding the cave mouth. Behind them, she can hear the guttural syllables of kobolds yipping and arguing in the distance. The little beasts seems to be aware that something is up, but not exactly what. As you approach, you can hear them arguing, but it's obvious that they're not yet aware of your presence.

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"There are a ton them massed together up ahead, looks like a trap there as well. Let's see what kind of fun I get started, be ready to move in when you hear the chaos," Abeyella whispers before slinking off into the darkened tunnel ahead of her. Doing her best to stay hidden, she moves ahead and tries to hurdle the trap she noticed.

Eduardo motions for everyone to stay quiet, taking out his harp to help out the idea. Everyone, stay where you are.

He looks to Nurse, nodding, Aybella, he whispers, move forward and allow yourself to be seen, then run back here. We'll be waiting for them behind this corner and get them. With that, the harp gives out a silent note, causing the kobolds to, hopefully, not notice the group at all.

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