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On food, let's say that with a given acre 3/4ths of the land is used to produce the various reagents needed for processing the fruit, and in the remaining quarter of an acre it is possible to grow nine trees after the constructions are in place to prevent workers from being killed. If it takes three fruit per day to feed an average person for a day, and the acre produces 9d6 (average 30.5) fruit per day, then one acre would sustain 10 people on average. A quick search gave the sustained people per acre of wheat to be 40 people. Hardly infinite food, there...

As for wood, it would probably still be better to go after standing forests for large amounts of wood. If a given tree takes five years to reach large size, and ten years to advance a size category, then a baseline can probably be established for how much wood would be obtained. I'm not sure how much wood is actually gained from a tree of a given size, or how much would be needed for various activities, so I can't give a statistical analysis. It would seem likely that the advantage of the trees for wood production would only emerge over time, though, when harvesting wood from forests is just too dangerous or when there isn't any wood to harvest from them.

Alternatively, it could be noted that the last known example of these trees (outside of the High Marches and Northern Island, which are effectively too dangerous to enter) were destroyed when an unknown creature attacked and destroyed the settlement on the Southern Island, which previously played host to a farm for these. It would still let the statblock fill it's purpose(giving an idea of how dangerous the region is), while not letting them be taken advantage of.

What's the amount of acreage of grains was needed to sustain a family of subsistence farmers in the ancient world, though? Most subsistence farms for a small family under ten acres, right? Did you see the orange option?

I didn't fact check the statistic.

The original came from here, stating that a family of four could live for ten years off of one acre's wheat production [one year's production implied, but not stated]. Extrapolation suggested that the same amount could sustain fourty for one year.

Yes, I saw the orange option. It somewhat missed the point of the statblock, which was to point out that even the trees could kill you, though it did seem balanced.

Yea... I've seen small family subsistence farms mentioned at '1-3 acres' or 'under 10 acres'. Modern farming techniques are vastly different than traditional subsistence farming, you know?

Maybe. It would still be a far cry from having infinite food, though. About the time it did reach that, some of them would probably evolve spines that shoot out from the trunks at anyone that got too close, which would make it much harder to harvest the fruit. Possibly too hard for it to be viable...

As a side note, as the write-up for the realm stands now the settlement that was growing these was wiped out by a creature from the northern island. It's up to Voxanadu whether any of these trees survived that attack...

If not, the only source for this tree would be the High Marches (the only valid reason for entry is to commit suicide, as the creatures in the region are far more aggressive than elsewhere; very few of the Rangers, a special organization which is in charge of surveying the land, and no-one else have survived setting foot there) or the Northern Island (the creature that wiped out Norstred, a large and well defended town, is thought to have come from here; at any rate nothing that has come close to this island has survived. Not even the army detachment that sought to establish a watch-post on the island.)

I believe that I have around four more settlements to write up before I'm done. Then a quick revision of the exports list will give a completed realm...

Edit: I'm almost done with another settlement's write-up. Since it seems to be a matter of discussion, I'll post what I have here.

My power has been out for four days and counting. I am posting from McDonalds, but I need to spend a lot of time at home keeping my animals alive in the cold... so I won't be active until my power is back. Sorry about this!

If I am in, which I doubt, I would need help with all this because it is confusing :+)

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dunno about the rest of you but I haven't figured out who & what I'm trading yet

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