OOC - The Fourth Wall

Well hello new people. Good luck with everything. Don't forget to put up any public information about your realms in the realms section.

Hello one and all, really happy about getting accepted here! I'll be posting all public information as soon as possible.

Well, I am surprised to be in, TBH :+) but hello to all, and ^what he said^

Okay, how about this... everyone that wanted to export alcohol, we should all get together and choose a particular (and different from everyone else!) alcohol type to excel at over everyone else.

Cymru, for example, would be known for (say) whiskey and 'stamp your foot and say woo-wee!' moonshine.

There's something to be said for describing the specific traits or origins of your export that make it different from others.

Well, no offence but I did base a great deal of the geography on certain builds, regardless of other peep's imports and exports..

build = ideas,

sorry if that was unclear :+)

Originally Posted by Sonny Walker View Post
I was explicitly told by 13 when he was DM and I was building my realm that I could only establish my 5 settlements and no other buildings.
You're in luck, that's just what the chosen applicants did.

Originally Posted by Sonny Walker View Post
If you're saying "I don't want to alter my exports (and by extension, my land's resources) based on what anyone else is doing," then I'm behind you 100%..
This is going to be contentious anyway though.

Originally Posted by Sonny Walker View Post
It's people assuming they can claim supremacy in any area without proving it first in-game, or having special structures outside their 5 settlements (when that was denied me) that I have a problem with.
And this is what I mean by the part contentious, why cant it, with the help of the DM be established before hand which domains have some speciality over other domains?

For example, Gavinfoxx (no offense, lol, just an example) already took it upon him to have a certain special metal in his domain:
Baatorian Green Steel.

Others should be able to have similar things, if not direct copies..

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