OOC - The Fourth Wall

No, I don't really have an issue, to be sure. As time goes on (the years are going to go by quickly, right? And we play the son's / etc, with the same stats, right?), he'll need to guard his supply chain very very carefully, because 'foraging' (ie stealing) from most lands won't let his people be fed, as they can't support that many people, even if you steal every bit of food in sight...

Wands? Wands?? And enchanted weapons?? And Scrolls and potions?? What the heck?? Who the heck has the feats to get all of that stuff?? I mean, you can only have really ONE guy who is likely a decent caster who is high enough level to enchant OR to make wands, and that is your main character. I suppose you could be a Beguiler or whatever doing 100% of the casting, and maybe one of the classes has a bonus feat that can be used on crafting, but that still leaves you with you as a T3 caster, your cohort as an Adept or something, and your leadership guys as a bunch of Magewrights as your leadership guuys -- hardly enough to get enchanted stuff like large amounts of enchanted weapons, armor, potions, AND wands... and where does the life force come from? I thought that we were only supposed to get significant access to magic item production via 'strategy events', ie, like encouraging a mage college or a church to be present in our lands or something? Now I am totally confused... O,o

If some way of producing more magic items is available prior to game start that I wasn't aware of, I would like to know about it!!

As far as I was aware, we all have individuals in our kingdoms that aren't part of our leadership group. Those individuals are not specifically loyal to the leaders. Trade goods from our kingdom and trade good from our followers would be two different things!

If Dominic or any of his followers wanted the magical good that some of the people in his kingdom make and trade, he'd have to pay for them, just like everyone else.

...Or just take or nationalize them... send some soldiers, be like, "These items are now property of the Duke!"

And I thought all of the stuff in the cities that could remotely be useful had to come out of the 'pay money to make your towns better' stuff. I mean, we all have very useful resources that aren't a part of our specific ownership, but I thought that 'the ability to produce magic items' was something that wasn't even on the menu to get in the first place, at least, not until we succeeded at getting wizards and stuff to immigrate?

Maybe it's a good idea to restate the principle concepts of the game. I for one, was just here to be a loyal lackey and wasn't present for the formation of the game.

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