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As far as I was aware, we all have individuals in our kingdoms that aren't part of our leadership group. Those individuals are not specifically loyal to the leaders. Trade goods from our kingdom and trade good from our followers would be two different things!

If Dominic or any of his followers wanted the magical good that some of the people in his kingdom make and trade, he'd have to pay for them, just like everyone else.
According to what LN13 left behind in reading what he's posted in private threads. This is pretty much true, LN13 was more or less against rarer objects and was ok with the more common scrolls, potions, wands, and etc... as long as your not starting off with a cache of wands of meteor swarm or some other such game breaking thing.

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...Or just take or nationalize them... send some soldiers, be like, "These items are now property of the Duke!"
Go for it, see what repercussions occur. As you said, people that can craft such items are rare.

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And I thought all of the stuff in the cities that could remotely be useful had to come out of the 'pay money to make your towns better' stuff. I mean, we all have very useful resources that aren't a part of our specific ownership, but I thought that 'the ability to produce magic items' was something that wasn't even on the menu to get in the first place, at least, not until we succeeded at getting wizards and stuff to immigrate?
...Out of curiosity... does this mean you believed you were paying the cost of Baatorian Green Steel for every bit of High Quality Steel that is currently about and in your market?

Relax, if something gets tossed up that is seriously game breaking, I'll step in to maintain and manage the issue. I've got a lot of experience doing such things.

I don't think much of any of that is available for me at all; I doubt any of it has come out at all the current season; the specific text of my area has that part of the mine having significant production issues, either with monsters, or other safety issues or flooding or something like that, I'll see if I can dig up the quote:

"Which has perpetual problems with safety and other mining difficulties (this accounts for the high cost of the material, if these can be solved, cost should go down). There is no danger or difficulty associated with the normal iron that the mine also has, which is closer to the surface."

So it's not necessarily sure if there will be any of that stuff at all at any given season or month.

Nah, it's fine. It's not a big deal. I was trying to point out that it to your country is a major export, the work it takes to produce the product, the cost, the amount of money you make, etc... Same for other players.

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