The Egg Game Gifts

So that everyone can recall what they are:

Ilkin: The egg opens to reveal a miniature carousel with a velvet canopy. The tiny, elegant animals dance up and down when the carousel spins. (Traded with Deb, traded with Lydia, traded with Kore)
Deb: The egg opens strangely - it's split into three parts, with two near-halves opening away from a thin strip in the middle, revealing an strange little model airplane flying over a golden field. It looks like, if one detached the plane from the egg and threw it in the air, it would glide. (Traded with Ilkin)
Ben: The egg opens to reveal a crystal snow globe with a blue and white winter forest. If one looked closely, one could see a little white bear hidden inside. (traded with Whim, traded with Hammond)
Whim: The inside of the egg is painted dark red. Inside is a blood red rose hairpin - or possibly stiletto, it's sharp enough. (traded with Ben)
Sasha: The egg opens up into a panorama of a black beach at night, with crystal waves gently splashing on the dark shores. In the top of the egg is a painted sky with diamond constellations and a pale moon. (traded with Underwood, then Othello, then Heather)
Heather: The inside of the egg is lined with black velvet. Seated inside is a silver-set antique style diamond ring. (traded with Sasha)
Bo: The inside of the egg is painted very dark blue with silver constellations (and little pictures of the actual animals/people painted over the stars). There is a small brass extendable telescope inside, etched with mathematical formulae around the circumference. (traded with Othello)
Mike: The egg contains an etched crystal bottle with a gold glass neck, filled with a black raspberry cordial. (partly-guzzled)
Lauren: Inside the egg is a gold comb decorated with a pair of hounds, that seems to twinkle and wink with magic. There is also a small hand mirror with a handle and frame shaped like horns, and a sun disk emblazoned on the back.
Oleander: The egg contains a pair of sleek, black leather gloves, trimmed with white fleece.
Rakesh: The egg opens to reveal a carved wooden box decorated with vine and thorn motifs. Inside is an illuminated deck of tarot cards. (traded with Civitas)
The Jack: The egg contains a bone belt buckle, carved with autumn leaves. (traded with Harvey, slightly forcibly traded with Squick)
Underwood: Inside is a functional ham radio in the shape of a 1930s vintage table radio. (traded with Sasha)
Angus : Inside the egg is a collapsible steel axe, the handle engraved with a viking ship. (traded with Aurora)
Kore: The egg contains a Berlin Ironwork Jewelry bracelet, a black cameo brooch with a white face, and a pair of iron rings. (traded with Ilkin)
Civitas: The egg opens to reveal a miniature ebony harp, inlaid with mother of pearl, and perfectly functional. (traded with Rakesh)
Othello (is giving his gift to Mary after the reception, who is he kidding): The egg contains a porcelain Mardi Gras mask, decorated in green, silver and purple. (traded with Sasha, the poor man, traded with Bo, traded with Mary)
Mary: The egg contains a sewing kit with five silver needles, black, white, and silver thread, a red silk bobbin, a pair of sharp silver scissors, and a pile of assorted silver buttons. Oddly enough, no thimble. (traded with Othello)
Marie Tempest: Inside the egg is a tiny and colorful mock-up stage, with five tiny and colorful shadow puppets: A red haired woman in an awful coat, a bald man in a gold suit, a rather hapless looking dragon, and a knight and a princess that bear a certain resemblance to the Spring and Summer queens. (traded with Harvey)
Harvey: The egg contains a Christmas ornament/driver's charm of a black rabbit sitting on the moon. (traded with Jack for anything that wasn't iron, traded with Sparky! traded with Seventeen, traded with Marie Tempest)
Caelan: A little golden tree is inside, with leaves made out of paper. Its branches are holding up a tiny illuminated book of stories.
Aurora: The egg contains a pink enamel wrist watch, with "petals" around the face arranged to look like a blooming flower. (traded with Dana, traded with Angus)
Dana: a rather large set of adjustable, tooled leather cuffs, each with a removeable metal plate. one plate is etched with a lion, the other etched with a unicorn. (Traded with Todd, then with Aurora)
Todd: The egg opens into a panorama of a winter landscape, the snow sparkling with white gems, with a little fox running through it. (traded with Aurora, traded with Hammond)
Squick: Inside the egg is a bronze, jeweled, wind-up clockwork spider. (slightly forcibly traded with the Jack, traded with Lydia)
Lydia: Inside the egg is a silk choker adorned with soft grey and incandescent green and purple pigeon feathers. (traded with Squick, traded with Ilkin)
Seventeen: Inside is a small black and white tea pot and two cups, half black and half white. (traded with Chavez, traded with Harvey)
Chavez: Inside the egg is a Chobi Cam One HD, with a modified brass lens cap to make it look like an old style camera. (traded with Seventeen)
Cuchulainn: Inside the egg is a sleek black fountain pen, with silver inlay and an etched silver tip, sitting next to a small, black leather notebook.
Horus: Inside is a music box, with a gold and red songbird on a perch. When wound up, the bird sings along and moves its wings.
Hammond: Inside the egg is a pair of gold cufflinks shaped like wolf or fox heads, a gold and pearl tie pin, and an emerald silk tie. (traded with Todd, traded with Ben)
Sparky (is adorable): The egg opens into a painted landscape of a pond and meadow, with a small porcelain turtle and two porcelain frogs fishing. (Traded with Harvey)
Marcus: The egg opens to reveal a little golden lion, romping in a green field.
Mark: The egg contains five jars of strange, aromatic hedge spices in etched glass jars with gold labels. None of the labels name the spices, oddly.
The Horseman: The egg opens to reveal another egg, this one styled to look like an actual faberge egg. It's blue with silver arabesques, emblazoned with the royal crest of England, and set on a bejewelled stand shaped like Royal Albert Hall.
Rose (by elimination): Inside the egg is a music box with two twirling ballroom dancers. There are three wind-up keys around the base, each one of which plays a different minute waltz.