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Setting: This is set during the Clone Wars and the players will be playing soldiers on the side of the Republic. They will be specially recruited troops, not clones, for a dangerous infiltration mission on the planet Tirahnn. The PC's will be deep in Separatist territory. Characters can expect to encounter various battle droids, creatures, and heavy military vehicles.

Characters: I am looking for five level 3 characters. As already stated none will be clone warriors. I will accept one force user, but I would prefer all non-force users. Use the rules stated in the core book to create characters. Point buy or roll is excepted. Select only the species that are for the Clone Wars era. No Gungans or Jawas.

Accepted Books: Star Wars Saga Edition Core, The Clone Wars Campaign Guide, Scum and Villainy, and Galaxy at War. No other sources excepted.

About the GM: I have been a player in one of the longest running Star Wars games on MW from 2008. I have been the
That's the GM for all you commie mutants out there.
UV for several Paranoia games which were played to completion. I have run two other Saga games on MW. The
My first attempt at GM'ing
first was a horrible failure. The second went much better. It has been several years since I GM'ed a Saga game, but I am ready to try my hand at it again. I am starting to have dreams of Alpha Complex!

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