Put all applications here. One post per person please. Additional posts will be deleted. Make rolls here.


Male Human
Party role: Slicer, mechanic, and pilot.

Character Sheet

Bartholameau "Boomer" Gatrost
Male Human
Scoundrel (Quirky Sabateur)
Party role: Demolitions/mechanic
Age: 25 Height: 5ft 8 weight 64 KG
Goals: Win his freedom by completing tasks for the Republic
Quote: "Ha ha ha, boom"

Character sheet:

Name: Kiros Vak
Race: Zabrak/Rattataki (Using Zabrak stats)
Class: Jedi Sentinel 3/Shaper of Kro Var (If Shaper isint okay then I'll go pure Sentinel)

Arriwrribecca (Arri)
Role: Close Combat Specialist, Bodyguard, Retrieval Expert, Go Getter

Race/Sex: Wookie / Male (If speaking Shyriwook will be an issue I could change to something else)
Class: Soldier
Military File:

NAME: Adabolo Zen-ka
CLASS: Scout/Soldier
RACE/SEX: Cerean Male


Takrea "Tak"
Role: Heavy Weapons Specialist

Race/Sex: Trianii Female
Class: Soldier
Sheet: Takrea "Tak"


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