Macc Redde, Clan Redde Descendant sheet
Class/ Level: Scout / lv.03; Gender: Male; Age: 18; Height /Weight: 5'11" / 160lbs
Current XP: 3,000; Next Level At: 6,000

Speed: 6; BAB: +3; Initiative: +7; Force Points 6; Destiny Points 3

HP: 42 CURRENT: 42; HIT DICE: 1d8+1; Damage Reduction: n/a Persistent Conditions:
+1 to all Defenses
Improved Defenses

STR 11; DEX 13;CON 12;INT 18;WIS 6;CHA 9

Defenses: FORT: 14 (
10 + LV./ARMOR{1} + CLASS BONUS {1} + ABIL. BONUS{1} + MISC. {1}
Formula); REF: 15 (
10 + LV./ARMOR{1} + CLASS BONUS {2} + ABIL. BONUS{1} + MISC. {1}
Formula); WILL: 10 (
10 + LV./ARMOR{1} + CLASS BONUS {0} + ABIL. BONUS{-2} + MISC. {1}

Current Credits: 12,000
Languages: Basic, Mando'a, High Galactic, Military Sign, Binary
NotesStill working out gear. Asked GM if he wanted us to wait for game to start so group can discuss gear purchases.

And coming in at the last minute!

Seriyn Vale "Seri" the Con-Artist
Sex/Race: Female Human
Class: mainly Noble with some scoundrel
Party role: Face, deception, stealth, pilot, and stun/ion damage focus instead of leathal.

Character Sheet

Positive traits/Strengths
Chronic liar
Quick, comedic wit/smart-ass

Negative traits/weakness:
Doesn't think too far ahead
Combat paralyses/cowardly

PC Submission
Kolosha Ordo, Mandalorian Heavy Weapons Specialist
Taung Widow, Veteran Mercenary
I think you'll find all the relevant details in the Character Sheet


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