Mud Slide Meetings.

Mud Slide Meetings.

As you continue upwards the sound of fast flowing liquids bounce off the sides of the pass/ A side pass collapses in a rush of mud (Reflexes Dc 20 to avoid getting muddy...)

~more comming~

As a large wave of mud plugs the entire side path that was there, a limp body of a woman sloshs out with it. The mons on the kimino and gear that the woman caries would make her seem a Samurai of the Mantis.

Chitter leaps backwards in a failed attempt to avoid the rush of sludge. It's not like he had extra clothes to change into, after all. Yech, now I've got to get these washed soon. Since he's already dirty, he figures he may as well move in and see what the mud brought with it.

He leans in close and gingerly pokes at the body in an attempt to determine if she's dead or merely unconscious. "Do you still breathe, Mantis-san?" He knows it's a silly thing to ask of a body, but with their mysterious visitor soon followed by a mudslide, he needed to break the tension for his own sake at least.

Dice Roll: 3d10ez
d10 Results: 2, 9, 2 (Total = 13)
Reflexes (13)
Dice Roll: 3d10e^2z
d10 Results: 5, 6 (Total = 11)
Investigation / Perception (bad eyesight) (11)

Dice Roll: 2d10e^2z
d10 Results: 9, 3 (Total = 12)
Reflexes (12)

Treacherous footing conspired to rob Shosuro Rin of some of her dignity as her boot became stuck in the sucking mud that flowed downward towards them. The bite of the chill water and earth concoction rushing over and past only provoked a startled inhalation of breath. It was enough to ruin any semblance of a good mood she might have held while trapped in this place but she trudged on as her Nezumi compatriot did as there was little chance of her growing more filthy... so long as her mask remained unsullied she was content to a degree.

She moved faster now as she spotted the Mantis mons but knew it was not her lost compatriot as the cut of the kimono was wrong at a glance. Still, the Scorpion could be renowned for their hospitality even if they were distrusted for it. With care she knelt by the woman and braced herself in the treacherous footing.

"Mantis-san?" was the simple question as she used what basic first aid skills were known to her.

Dice Roll: 4d10e^3z
d10 Results: 8, 9, 9 (Total = 26)
Void to be skilled in medicine (26)

"H-hai..." The young woman's eyes finally opened themselves after some confused blinking before they settled on Rin. The confused look in her eyes did not disappear upon seeing the Scorpion magistrate; rather, it seemed to increase a manifold.
A second voice. There had been another voice.
Another person?

A frown appeared on her face but disappeared the moment Chiyo laid eyes on the creature near the female Scorpion, an expression of complete surprise on her face. Within seconds however, the dazed Kitsune managed to knit pieces of her on back together and whatever hint of surprise faded from her face, leaving naught but a hint of curiosity in her eyes.

Slowly, the mud-covered shugenja tried to sit up - succeeding with a minimal amount of grace.
"What happened?" Even as she asked the question, her gaze moved away from the two people near her again. Her eyes went up, as if she expected to find the answer there, then back at the odd duo. "Where am I?"

"I cannot rightly tell you, Mantis-san. You seem to have come here in much the same manner as my Nezumi compatriot and I had arrived." Rin offered in a soft voice that was touched slightly by the chill she felt in her bones thanks to the mud. "I am Shosuro Rin, Magistrate of the Scorpion clan and I shall allow my companion to introduce myself. On the slim chance however... did you see anyone walk this path before the mud slide struck?"

It was easy to note that beneath the grotesque mask of a many eyed Oni with scorpion like mandibles that Rin was an striking woman with the classical charms expected of noble born women mingled with the intimidating airs of the Scorpion and more importantly the Magistrates they employed to police their cities. Her armor and armaments only added to that as the no-dachi, the daisho, and her well maintained armor were noted in turn.

Unlike the Scorpion woman, Chiyo lacked any kind of armor. Instead, her garments existed of a pair of graceful but sturdy looking robes. However, its colors, the rich greens of the Mantis Clan and the more ruddy, earthy tones of the Kitsune family, were now smeared with mud.
"My name is Kitsune Chiyo, shugenja of the Mantis Clan," Chiyo replied, bowing her head politely to both of the persons present before allowing herself to focus on the question posed by the Scorpion magistrate.
The Kitsune's brow knitted itself together whilst she pondered the question, trying to recall what she had seen before - and perhaps even during her fall.
The odd sparkles - out of touch with the other crystalline reflections - and then naught but darkness as the ground beneath her had given way to nothingness.
"I apologize. Other than my bushi escort, a member of one of the vassal families from the Unicorn clan, I have seen no other persons here."

Chitter bows to the new woman a little deeper than she offered. She was a shugenja, after all, and shamans had strange and wonderful powers. It would be best to stay on her good side. He stands up as well as he can given the uncertain footing, displaying his dark lacquered heavy armor in Crab colors--slightly mud-spattered, now--adorned with his own personal Nezumi mon to full effect. He lacked a mask or helmet and his only weapon appeared to be a tanto worn at his hip, just where samurai wore their weapons of honor.

"My name is Ch'tir'ik'tch. Humans generally use the easier to pronounce Chitter. I am pleased to meet you, Chiyo-san." It bothered him that she hadn't seen their quarry, and the mudslide had ruined any tracks or traces and would make it all but impossible to find the scent again. Perhaps she would be interested in accompanying us if she has had no other company since she arrived.

"Unfortunate... We were tracking someone through the passes before the mud slide." the Scorpion woman said with a slight stiffening of tone as she glanced past Kitsune-san and up the pass. She was of no use dead and the mud slides could have done more damage to the pass that would endanger them. "It seems unlikely that I will be catching him now... Regardless, if you would wish to accompany us we can talk you to the nearby village."

"I am honored to meet you, Chitter-san," the Kitsune replied, storing the name of the Nezumi in her mind.
She had heard stories about the creatures, but meeting one in person...
Like some of her fellow Kitsune, the young shugenja had inherited a strong tie to the realm of Chikusudo - the realm of Animals. However, the spirits with which she had met from there were vastly different from the Nezumi which now stood in front of her. It even seemed aware of etiquette!
However, the Scorpion's words - as well as her rather muddy attire - reminded her once again to keep her excitement under control. The Scorpion woman had introduced herself as a magistrate.
Was the person they were after a criminal, Chiyo wondered.
And what kind of person would be foolish - or desperate - enough to hide in these caves?


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