Mud Slide Meetings.

Rin's response was to simply arch an eyebrow at the man's hesitations and discomfort. Of course, such an expression was lost behind the intimidating visage of her ornate mask but one could easily imagine that it was there. "You place me in a difficult position. I am honor bound to bring law to the places in which I walk... as long as they are under the yoke of the Scorpion... yet my duty dictates that I pursue the fugitive." the Magistrate replied with soft consideration in her otherwise neutral voice. The harsh click of booted foot following as she began to pace despite herself.

"I can render some assistance in normalizing the area but it is not my desire to make a life here. I've family I wish to see again and a duty left undone." she offered finally as the many eyes of her mask settled on the man.

The nezumi speaks up once he is sure that Rin is finished speaking. "Unlike my companion, I have no other pressing duties. I would be more than willing to help you bring order to the area." This sounded suspiciously like a job he would excel at if it involved a show of force and fighting bandits on occasion. His tail twitches slowly with restrained enthusiasm.

The Kitsune simply remained quiet during this conversation, quite certain that her skills were not needed when it came down to politics and the like. The young woman simply hoped that her attache was all right - not having seen him since the mudslide and fearing the worst.
Also, she realized she would have to go back into the caverns again. She had not found the answers she was looking for, but it had been made quite clear that answers could be found there..

"Hmmm... well, what assistance can I offer in any which way? I can offere you a residence, there is an open one. But beyond that I dont know what magistrates might need to function well. Truth beyold I have been trying to figure out things to even make this postion work."

Chitter twitches uncomfortably and looks expectantly at Rin. He knew the basics of food and shelter, but beyond that he was lost as to a magistrate's needs. For that matter, he didn't really know what they did beyond ride around a look imposing and occasionally (try to) track down specific offenders. Surely the Scorpion could handle such a question better than he or the Fox?

Rin lightly ran a hand down the side of her imposing mask in consideration. "I will need two Eta... I will instruct them personally... additionally I will need a small number of Yoriki not including my companions. Given the size of the village such should be ultimately sufficient to provide enforcement... Bandit problems beyond the borders of the village present a different issue. That would typically be the work of the army and imperial patrols but lacking such I can try and project a certain area of lawfulness through careful efforts and patrols.... Given, however, that I will be a central figure seemingly that might hamper some of my usual methods to undermining criminal elements." she concluded thoughtfully, recalling fondly some of her more daring actions and deceitful overtures. Infiltration could be a most thoroughly rewarding experience... or one that resulted in unpleasant scars.

"It may be hard to get many that would try and be the speakers of law here. Most do not have the strength to stand against the enforcers that currently off justice as they see it. A few peasants... I can see they get their family resources enough to get you a few eta. for Yoriki or the like, you may be better off recruiting from Kawauso the youngers village. its across the valley from here. To be honest, it is more or less where the more progressive of the valley go."

"We shall see, strength rarely is manifested in force of arms though it may be the more familiar facet known to the people of this valley due to the... regrettable circumstances." Rin replied with an inclination of her head as she considered those details and lightly brushed delicate fingers down the side of her mask. There would be a great deal of work and organization to be done... let alone that she would have to train any she took in.


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