S. B. D.


Allyria - Drow Sorceress

Seeing the others rush in, Allyria follows suit. She opens her mouth to shout a warning, but finds no sound escaping her lips. In frustration, she holds the Winds of Change up, blasting a bolt of chaos energy towards the closer of the reptilian card players.

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S. B. D. - Round 2

"Eep... You know how you said you were going to save my nose, Vicky... well, now's your chance!."

Jared flicks his rod, sending a swirling stream of dark shadows into the room. He then scampers a short distance down the corridor. "Trogs. It might be best to fight them at the doorway!" His attack manages to hit one of the two trogs, sending it backwards a few steps.

"I guess there's no way around fighting now," Vicky mumbles to Jared, "You're an expert at making new friends, you know. New enemies too."

She moves up to the first one with her shield ready. As soon as Vicky enters the room she is overcome by a numbing silence. She can't hear anything, not the sound of her footfalls, or even her own breath. There is total silence inside this pillar chamber. The smell of the troglodyte is horrid. It takes all her concentration to keep focused on her target. Pulling at one of the spirit voices available to her, she attempts to bind the movements of the troglodyte, preventing it from reaching her allies.

John moves inside the room and sees the two Troglodytes, his ears ring with the creepy silence making John a little dizzy.
"Whats wrong wi..." John stops as he started by not even hearing his own voice.

John sends a bolt of arcane energy from the tip of his sword. It strikes the troglodyte engaging Vicky. The creature is hurt by the attack, and better yet, it cannot see John any longer... at least for the moment.

"Here we go again." Mike says as he pushes his way pass the others and enters the room. "Eww these dudes are....." Mike then realizes he cant hear himself. wtf? he thinks to himself.

ZhuGuan, from his position in the back, can make out some sort of commotion. He guesses correctly that something is amiss and rushes down the hallway pressing by the others to take up a position just on the other side of the door. Why is it so quiet in there? He looks inside the room trying to take in what's happening and looking for an opportunity.

He looks at the playing cards and coins scattered across the floor and is reminded of the deck of cards he'd recently handed the curious halfling. More playing cards... I guess they didn't like being interrupted. He guessed at the events of the moment before.

Guan looks about the room, but doesn't see any other forms inside the room. He scans the room and the knowledge he gained from his transformation to see if he can figure out just what is going on with the room, but he has no luck with his assessment. He can't tell what is going on in there.

Seeing the others rush in, Allyria follows suit. She opens her mouth to shout a warning, but finds no sound escaping her lips. In frustration, she holds the Winds of Change up, blasting a bolt of chaos energy towards the closer of the reptilian card players. Her shot goes wide, and she misses her target.

Malklyr enters the room behind Allyria, but instead of attacking, he decides to try to figure out the source of the strange silence. Seeing the pillars, and remembering the water pillars from Bragdor's room, he moves closer to one of them for a better view. He begins analyzing the pillar, trying to determine if it has a strong magical presence. He can sense the presence of magic in all four pillars, but he cannot pin down if they are the source of the silence or not.

The Troglodyte bites at Vicky. When he pulls back he tears feathers out along with some bits of flesh. He begins chewing up and swallowing the bits of her that he bit off right before her eyes. the sight adds to the sick feeling that she got as her nostrils were filled with the horrible body odor of the lizard creature. Then she sees that he will not feast alone. The other troglodyte pays no attention to any of the others in the room and comes after Vicky as well! He raises a clawed hand as he charges forward as swipes it at Vicky. His claws rake across her beak, scratching it, but doing no real damage. The hungry look in their eyes is a terrifying sight... especially up close.

John Clarke - Eladrin Revenant Hybrid (Warden/Swordmage)

John moves up next to Vicky drawing the power form the earth and swings his blade.

Allyria - Drow Sorceress

Allyria shouts something as she sees the creatures tear into Vicky, but her voice is lost in the unnatural silence of the room. She rushes forward instinctively, letting out a blast of chaotic magic that blasts into one of the reptiles, sending it flying across the room. It lands on the other side of John, opening him up to be flanked by the man from the Jersey Shore.


Vicky tries to let out a cry of pain, but no sound escapes her beak. In recovering from the soundless scream, she draws in a lot of the foul stench. It burns her eyes and throat, forcing her to cough violently. Not thinking quickly enough, she tries to warn the others, but again realizes she can't speak. The wound left by the troglodyte looks red and sore under the lack of feathers.

She wants to stop the fight as soon as possible, not to mention prevent the others from suffering the same stench she has to endure. Stepping into position, she unleashes a burst of primal energy, attempting to prevent the two troglodytes from escaping her and attacking the others. Her wide slash bites deeply into the first troglodyte, leaving him bloodied afterwards. Unfortunately for Vicky, it bites so deep she has trouble pulling the sword out again, and she misses the other troglodyte by a wide margin.


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