Chapter 1: Perdition Gate

Turn 6, BEGIN!

"Victor Company, this is Eighth Divisional HQ. We're coming under sustained artillery barrage, and all units are breaking down to fall back. No further arty support will be available.

Meet up at map position Foxtrot-7 for further orders. We've done all we can do here."

???C2 Isabella is now a Prisoner of War. Remain faithful, you shall not return unavenged.

F1's retreat is threatened by Untermenschen, and has lost a member (KIA). Leave their flesh-and-blood leader alive and he somehow causes them to rise again...!

C1 and V1 have both departed the field.

[G1] Spc. Gauss
Launchers: [ ]-[ ]
Specialty Ammo: S: ( ) F: ( ) - S: ( ) F: ( )
SMG: (/)( )-(/)( )

>Reload grenade launchers
>Sit in truck while it escapes

[F2] Cpl. Adams
Rifles: [/][/][ ][ ]-[/][/][ ][ ]-[/][/][ ][ ]
Grenades: ( )-( )-( )
Rally! (X)

"Cover 1st!"


Fire 3 aimed and 3 snap shots at the Untermenschen.

Dice Roll:
1d10 1d10 1d10
d10 Results: 5
d10 Results: 8
d10 Results: 4

Dice Roll:
1d10 1d10 1d10
d10 Results: 1
d10 Results: 1
d10 Results: 1

[F3] Cpl. MacManus
Rifles: [\][\][\][\]-[\][\][\][ ]-X
Grenades: (X)-(X)-X
Rally! (X)

-Reload Rifle.
-Move onto the truck.

[F1] Cpl. Hollings
Rifles: [/][/][/][/]-[/][/][/][/]-X
Grenades: (X)-(X)-(X)
Rally! (X)

Clear these assholes out and let's bug it!

>Move 2SW
>Toss last grenade 3NE
>Fire 1 Aimed shot at the officer 3NE
>Fire 2 Snap shots 3NE
>Move off map 1SW

Dice Roll:
d10 Results: 7

Aimed Shot:
Dice Roll:
d10 Results: 10

Snap Shots:
Dice Roll:
d10 Results: 8, 3 (Total = 11)

Move truck to escape
Fire at the enemies behind the arch with 2 actions and all rounds
Order the guys in the jeep to fire at them too
Drive by like a boss:
Dice Roll:
d10 Results: 8, 9 (Total = 17)


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