The Rules Manual

The Rules Manual

Here's the rules manual and army sheets for easy reference.

The Rules Manual

Urban Combat

Combat posting protocol

Combat PostsThere are two necessary elements to a successful combat post, and one optional element. A successful combat post is one that will be clearly legible and not confuse Command, resulting in your fireteam completing their full intended actions.

The first important element is your unit card. The unit card must have your unit ID with your numeric designator. If you are a veteran, you should also track any unit upgrades bought, and remaining Experience you have left unspent. This is your service record, take care of it!

Unit Card[F4] Cpl. Command
Rifles: [/][/][/][ ]-[/][/][ ][ ]-[x][x][x][x]
Grenades: ( )-(X)-(x)
Rally! ( )
Upgrades: Deep Cover ([+1] bonus from Cover), Endurance Training (+.5 Health)
3 XP left

The optional (but encouraged) element is your combat fluff. Go ahead and show some individuality out there, contribute to the ongoing story of the Lionhearts. Keep this separated from the other items however.

Corporal Command shook his ringing head to clear it. "We need to go take care of that artillery before this position is finished." He dragged the shattered remnants of his fire-team out of their foxhole and pushed ahead.

The final element are your Orders for the turn. They belong in a bullet point format. Separate them with single-spaced paragraphs. Compass directions are preferred for movement and targeting for clarity. If necessary, separate actions out by the individual squad members for complex turns. Notice that a relevant upgrade which contributes to the actions was mentioned to help Command with processing. [Dice=My shooting actions]1d10[/dice] tags are used so that no mouse-overs are required to read the dice scores.

-Move 2 Northeast, 1 Southeast. (Deep Cover bonus for staying in the woods)
-Squad member: Fire one aimed shot, and one snap shot at the artillery crew South of us.
-Squad leader: Throw a grenade 3 hexes Southeast, and Rally! to regain 1 health on my injured squaddie.

Aimed shot and Snap Shot:
Dice Roll:
d10 Results: 1, 9 (Total = 10)

Grenade AOE on Arty crew, on Jaeger team S of them, and on nearby Officer:
Dice Roll:
d10 Results: 8, 5, 2 (Total = 15)

Cendrian Infantry Unit Cards

~Cendrian Infantry~





Officier Subaltern




~Cendrian Armor~

Panhard Assault Cycle

Renault Battle Walker

Hotchkiss Support Walker

Char Heavy Siege Walker


Machinegewehr Shützen




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