The Warming Hearth - Out of Character chatter

The Warming Hearth - Out of Character chatter

Pull a chair up to the fire, take off your boots, and warm your fingers on a goblet of mulled wine while the wind whips outside and frost crusts over the windows. Enjoy the company of your comrades!

I've submitted my character for review. How's everyone's ideas coming along?

I just have to say I'm way impressed with these applications so far. You guys know how to make characters!

Still working on mine, got about two levels more worth of crunch to build before I'm all there and can write my fluff out. But I got a pretty solid idea of the fluff.

Im quite happy with my app, I believe I am all done. good luck to all! This story sounds fun, loving the cold setting.

Well my app is almost done. I'm going to go over it again tomorrow and look for any glaring issues and finish the character sheet. (He's statted but not geared up yet)

Oh and Killer, one question, could you take a peek at my sheet (it's in the application thread, top of the second page) and tell me if you're ok with that flaw? I went with something fairly mild for it, but I'm willing to change it if you're not ok with it.

So, this is my first post expressing interest in this game, but I wanted to say- cool setting. I've not seen many games take on a cold, arctic setting. I've actually got a character concept pre-packaged for this, which is under review for another game, although I think I'll withdraw him from that game and submit an alternate character there...

Done with the character app and boy, is it a long one. Sorry about that Killer. Anyways, he's on the first page a couple of posts down if you want to check him out. If anybody here wants to review him and tell me what they think, that'd be much appreciated. Everyone else's looks spectacular and I just hope that I can compete with you guys.

I'll look at it right away, Transmution.

Most of these apps are freaking awesome. I'm afraid in some cases it will come down to me having to pick between equally valid and awesome characters. I really like backgrounds that incorporate the setting, and many of you guys did that quite well!

Questions for you KillerK: would you allow refluffing the
from Complete Champion
Ordained Champion for Aengrist, from Frostburn?

Also, would you allow the dragonblood races from Dragon Magic?

Thanks, TG


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