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Fine by my Killer.

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Well I am usually a huge advocate of player control, but in those circumstances I think it's ok, and like I said might actually enhance things...the truth is, DMs don't roll nearly as many PC rolls in secret as the books say to...
Then you should

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((Is there enough space to run and jump?))
There is about 15 feet of open space between your ship and the small ship, and the deck of your ship is about 10 feet higher than the deck of the small ship. There are ropes and gangplanks on your ship.

A distance of 15 feet has a jump DC of 15 with a running start. With starting with a higher area you have a much better chance of making it.

KillerK, looking through the many avatars over on, I found a picture that somewhat fits my conception of the Iron Queen:

What do you think? Fair warning: some parts of are NSFW.

I ADORE drakonis. I go there for all my character avatars.

I've actually looked for pictures there that look like her. I thought I'd been through all of them, but I don't think I ever saw that one. Which section was it in? It's definitely the closest I can think of, but still not quite there. The Iron Queen is more stoic, tends to keep her hair back/up and is more straw-blonde. (Yeah fat chance of me ever finding a pic that meets my specifications, but whatever.) But that's definitely the closest I've seen. The queen would seem pretty if she wasn't so cold.

Closest real-life approximation I can think of, is think of an older-looking Charlize Theron who never smiles and wears her hair back all the time.

That gives me an idea to start a "known-NPC" thread, with a little pic (if I can find one that fits) and description of important NPCs the party(ies) have met so far.

I found that one in the female barbarian section. She was easily the most clothed one there. Another good section to try is the "portraits".

Lol that explains it. After one glance at the female barb section I wrote it off assuming all the pics would just be scantily clad well-endowed women carrying greataxes or whatever.

I've looked through the portraits section, but all the female portraits look either way too young or way too seductive for the Iron Queen. Very, very nice pictures for PCs though (as PCs tend to be younger anyhow).

Ooh I like that one.

Sorry it took me so long to post, guys. Just with both groups at the moment there is a lot of bookkeeping and RP logistics, what with new people coming, old people leaving, and shit hitting the fan at the same time. I've got it all laid out now so it shouldn't take quite as long to continue on my end.

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