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Assuming the monster has a face at

Well I've got so many great apps I'm afraid in the end I might have to just pick certain people arbitrarily... :/

As of now the deadline is still going to be the 30th, as a few people still need to finish. Might bump it up to Wednesday instead...

Alright. I was hoping the deadline was still a bit off, since I need to finish writing some details up and actually submit my app.

Originally Posted by TransmutionOrchest View Post
You're totally right, there's one other rogue and a rogue/assassin (but I'm assuming Assassin levels come later) and one more straight-up fighter with a fighter/sorcerer mixed in for good measure. At this point there are just as many Rogues as there are rangers so I'm going to put go try to take my foot out of my mouth now.

And if you're focused on the city, you may need to hold Enshu's hand for a little while. His sanity is rather dubious as it is and that never bodes well are normal social interactions.
Oh I don't think that would be to much of an issue, at least not if the option is having him roam around on his own and get into and cause all sorts of trouble. *offers a pry-bar to help with that foot-in-mouth issue*

Killer, you wouldn't consider running two groups or something would you?

You know, Nikita, that actually is something I am considering to consider. I'll decide on the issue once everyone's apps are totally done and such.

Oh yeah, and I will use the rules for effects of cold on equipment. However, it shouldn't be much of a problem for player gear, as the effects only happen to "unattended" objects. It's assumed that characters "attend" to their gear enough to prevent these problems from happening, so those rules really only count for stuff that's left by itself in the cold (or perhaps is on the body of someone who died in the cold). At least that's my interpretation.

So.... I've been trying to locate it, but I've been unable....

What is the average temperature for our region? I know it's cold, but how cold? Also.... as a human, does our highest class count as our favored class for the purposes of the homebrew bonuses that you're granting us?

1- It varies with the time of year, but it's pretty cold most of the time. Below freezing (30 degrees F, 0 C) most of the year, with highs in the (quite short) summer hovering between 50 and 60 F. Further north, like the northern parts of the big island and further up, rarely rise above 30 F.'s cold, a lot. Considering how in the winter it's dark most of the time, and winter lasts at least half the year. Temps in winter months would be below 0 F much of the time (between 0 and -20 F, with lower temperatures on occasion depending on cold snaps and wind speed...).

Just as a reference, the average temperature in Yakutsk, Siberia, in winter can be as low as -40 F, while as high as 60 F in summer...and more than 200,000 people live there (!!).

And I haven't yet decided when exactly the campaign will start. Not sure yet if I want to be mean and have it be dead winter, or nicer and have it start in summer or fall...

I didn't see rules for this anywhere, but I would rule that within 10 feet of a campfire (or similar source of heat) the temperature band is effectively 2 bands warmer, maybe 3 bands warmer within 5 feet. So you wouldn't freeze to death sitting around in long as someone remembers to bring a flint and steel or some tindertwigs (or some kind of fire spell) to start a fire, otherwise you'd be in trouble!

2- As a human you choose which class is your favored class. So whenever you take a level in it you get those bonuses. Could be the highest or lowest class.

At least that's how I interpret "favored class: any"...meaning, "favored class: any one of your choice"

Well, by the rules I believe it's always the class you have the highest level in, but that might not make much sense with this particular variant.

Huh. I was trying to answer someone, but have no idea where the post I was answering went. Good to know about the weather, though, yes.

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