Non Sequitur

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The Most Useless Superpower

I'm sure you could make a very lucrative career in online niche porn. And/or as a modern artist. I suspect there's no actual difference between the two industries. Except the former's honest about it.

The ability to cause anyone's mouth to become temporarily dry by cutting off a finger.

In the 90s there was a Generation X made for tv movie on Fox where a kid was being persecuted for being a mutant, his power: he had a turkey head instead of one of his hands. Poor, poor bastard.

Another fun one, Cake Production

The ability to produce lint from thin air if no one witnesses it collected from ready to go particulate waste destined to become lint anyway very soon.

The ability to levitate, but only above your own bed when you are trying to sleep. Like Dana Barrett in Ghostbusters.

Epic Fail Man and his amazing power of Epic Failure.
No matter what it is he attempts to do, he fails so epicly that people talk about it for years to come.

He once attempted to sit on a barstool, Japan is still recovering from the nuclear melt down

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