The Outer Rim Cantina

The Outer Rim Cantina

Welcome to The Outer Rim Cantina. The house specialty is Rancor's Breath. I am proud to say we have only had 2 deaths! This month. So, sit back, have a drink, and enjoy!

I will be putting up the first IC post shortly. It will be nothing fancy. It will just be you guys waiting for a shuttle. It will give you a chance to introduce yourself IC and buy last minute supplies/weapons.

awesome. thanks for the invite... any suggestions guys for what gear Macc should bring along? he's pretty handy with tech based items... this is my first real "controller" type character so any input from you all would be most welcome.

What's Macc's role in the party? Just straight up combatant?
I recommend the Neo-Crusader Light armor found on p201Kotor or Clone/Stormtrooper armor in Core. No cost is given on the first so work it out with the GM from 8000+ credits as a base.

I'm also curious who these Imperials are that are mentioned.

And I almost hate to point this out but Acrobatics, Gather Information, and Use Computer are not Scout class skills.

Also, you will each be given a communicator and a data pad. Arri will be also given a, I think it's called, Vox-Box. Otherwise no one will understand you!

I think that's it. I forgot my books/notes so I may update the list later. If you already bought some of those things you can give yourself a refund!

Originally Posted by Valiyn View Post
And I almost hate to point this out but Acrobatics, Gather Information, and Use Computer are not Scout class skills.
Indeed. I did not catch that. Should be an easy fix for you, YohanRedde. Truth be known, I'm not very good at sheets. That's why I did not make it a priority for acceptance. As long as everyone's sheets is in relative good order before the meat of the game starts I have no worries.

Scout Skill list:


Originally Posted by Stormcracker View Post
Arri will be also given a, I think it's called, Vox-Box. Otherwise no one will understand you!
Vox-box only has a handful of phrases.

You can either rip out a translator unit from a droid (p195 core) and just carry that around with it rigged up to a vocabulator. 200-2000 cost.

But we do have this lovely little thing on p40 of the Unknown Region sourcebook the GM might allow to avoid a hassle.

Personal translator 2,000 0.1 kg

Personal Translator
Drawing from the successes of many protocol droids, the designers at Cybot Galactica condense the translating abilities of a 3PO unit into a tiny shell that can be worn around a person's neck or carried in a pocket. Thus, a person can carry a personal translator unit anywhere without having to rely on a protocol droid. The universal translator can translate verbal communications in the owner's language and up to three other languages of the owner's choosing. The device operates at the level of a DC 10 droid translator unit. The translator has no photo receptors or appendages, so it is not able to interpret nonverbal forms of communication such as sign language.

Samething really. Although the core rulebook one is cheating because that has a DC5 to translate almost every language in existence where as the Unknown one is balanced for players.....

How about we just say whatever rig only translates wookie into basic so you can speak normally because it's a cheap little thing you got for a steal at some junk dealer I left a language roughly free in case of wookie but that's still a hassle if only one person understands you.

ha! thanks for pointing that out... i copied and pasted another statblock i made and musta forgot to remove those... I also just made my sheet a copy of what I had so.. yea.

Fixing the sheet now and will fix my stat block soon.

Thanks for the invite and sorry for the slight delay. Class tend to be like that. Anyway, that refund got me those last power packs I needed. Woo! This will also be my first MW game, so I do hope you will help me out if I do screw something up (I probably will.) Other than that, I'm excited for the game, but still looking for some a last minute equipment check. Anyone got anything pointers? (90 credit remaining)

There was no delay! It has not even been 24 hrs yet. I understand that everyone has different schedules and live in different time zones. So, I really don't expect more then one post a day or so.

If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will do my best to help you out. Some of the other players have been around MW for a while as well and I am sure they are willing to help.


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