Part I: Insertion

Part I: Insertion

The Grand Army Of The Republic Staging Area
0400 Hours

Despite the early hour the skies are filled with both military and civilian traffic alike. The skies are never empty on the planet that never sleeps. A group of five of the most unlikely bunch are awaiting a shuttle. They have been brought here from all across the galaxy. Each of the five is as different in their past as in the appearance. But, their goal is the same. To fight and defend The Republic from the Separatist threat. They have been told nothing of their mission except that secrecy is of the utmost importance and that they will be going behind Separatist lines.

They are now on their last leg of their long journey. They are alone on the shuttle pad save their four clone trooper escorts. Three of the clone troopers patrol the outer edge of the landing pad. Their weapons held ready and their bodies display disciplined readiness. The fourth trooper stands in front of the group giving last minute instructions before their shuttle arrives.

The shuttle will be here at exactly 0500 hrs. It will leave if you're on it or not. So don't be late.
There is an authorized merchant less then a quarter click directly south of here. He is a blue Twi'lek by the name of Rovar Ulaniei. He will be hard to miss.

The trooper holds up a data pad. On it has the image of a
Twi'lek. It is clear that it would indeed be difficult to miss such a large Twi'lek.

If you have no questions you are free to leave and make your final preparations. Remember, don't tell any one of your mission and don't be late. 0500 hours.

Arri steps onto the platform with much heavier footfalls than his new companions. He gives them a cursory scan and wonders what the Republic has thrown him into now. He was not happy being pulled from his previous squad and wondered how this new group would become a fighting force. And how could it possibly become his new clan. He was used to protecting others, but he was not up for babysitting. True, appearances can be deceiving, but these were several scrawny troopers and they didn't even carry a decent armament. Perhaps that was his mission in this squad, to sharpen their edge.
A moment later a Trianii arrives on the platform and Arri's eye's brighten. Now there's a lady, strong, agile, and knows how to handle herself around a weapon. Maybe this won't be so bad after all. He walks over to her to introduce himself (speaking in Shyriwook as a device clipped to his bandolier on his upper chest translates his speech to Basic). "Alloy, milady" He gives a low head nod
If accepted he grasps her forearm, giving a firm squeeze and study shake.
offering his hand in greeting. "Glad to see I'm not the only warrior in this lot. I prefer a closer approach myself, but I like your choice. The name's Arriwrribecca."

If there was one place in the galaxy Tak did not hope to see again, at least for quite some time, it was the city planet of Coruscant. Coming here usually meant that she was being transferred, putting her military career on hold while the Republic tried to find a more suitable front in which to deploy her and her disruptive behavior, unwilling to discharge her given their need for soldiers of particular talents. However, she was surprise not to receive such notification on this trip. Instead she was being told that she was being placed on a different team. She was only now coming to realize how different they truly meant. Whatever it was, it would surely be better than sitting in the barracks for a few weeks.

Within moments of arriving on the dark platform and given their orders to await the shuttle, Tak was shaking with excitement, almsot cracking a mad grin born sheerly from the anticipation of the coming secret mission the Republic had dumped on them. She could only hope wherever they were headed their would be enough Separatists to satisfy her and baby, Nacre, which sat idle under Takrea's arm, held up by a strap and her shoulder.

Takrea's attention was then drawn away from her powerhouse to another. A Wookie. Her looks was that of surprise, intrique, followed by another bounty of fervor, her thinking being if a mission needed both her and a Wookie... There was no telling what trouble awaited them. The Wookie, who probably thought much like her in this regard, made his way to her and offer his hand. Her lips lifted revealing a row of sharp predatory teeth as she returned the greet. The Wookie gripped her arm and gripped it firmly, Takrea replying with her own display. "She'll tear up anything in her way, well enough. Even you if you stand in front." As she petted her weapon her grin grew larger and she snickered and hissed, her grim playfulness escaping her. She settled down quickly and resumed."Call me Tak," she said finally breaking her grip from his arm and allow her lips to once again cover her teeth. "But you don't have to worry, Arriwrribeeca. I only shoot at what I don't like."

After a few odd jobs for the Republic, Macc finally achieved a status with their military that rewarded him a commission on a level that made him feel the pride of his culture once again.
Macc had arrived an hour early to scope out the surrounding area before the others could show up. Macc had surveyed the streets around the platform, and began his trek back toward the rendezvous point. As he approached the platform he noticed the small detail of troopers trying to be inconspicuous.
"Look at that... we aren't supposed to be drawing attention to ourselves. Typical Republic interference.
After making his way back up onto the platform and receiving orders from the troopers, Macc took a seat on a bench nearby and watched as the others introduced themselves. He rummaged through his pack and decided to take a visit to the twi'lek merchant for some personal items.

uh... I will post my purchases as soon as I finish my list and get the price check on armor from STORMCRACKER

"Look, I won't run anywhere - hell, there's nowhere to run on except off the platform and then down a couple hundred stories. You can get this damn shock collar off me already!"

The girl berated the unflinching clone guard with a few wild hand motions, loud noises, and a flurry of annoyed glares; Remaining completely ignorant of the other members gathering on the platform.

"The deal was I help you out on your little secret mission here, and then I get pardoned for trying to sell the senator's prized gizka on the black market...along with every other tiny, tiny mistake I've ever made. That was the deal. And I already told his fat royal rear I'm sorry on the way here from the prison, what more do you want? NOW TAKE OFF THE SHOCKER!" The fiery young thief ordered, tugging fiercely on the metal band around her neck. For her troubles the girl was awarded a sharp shock, quickly scrunching up her face for a painful moment.

"Ok" She said with a strained sigh, much more softly this time with as cute eyes as was humanly possible. "Will you please remove the shocker? I promise I'll behave on the mission. Pleeeease? You can trust me.....Honest!"

Macc walked down the stairway from the platform and followed the short directions that the trooper gave. He soon found himself in a busy area full of shops of different types. They ranged from food vendors who sold food of every type to weapons and survival gear vendors.

It did not take Macc long to find the twi'lek described. He was leaning against the door way to his shop when he saw Macc. The large blue twi'lek perked up and smiled when he saw him approaching. His long years in sales let him know when a costumer was coming.

He greeted Macc with a friendly pat on the shoulder and a cheery smile.
How are you, my friend!? Please, please come on into my shop! I am Rovar and my shop is at your disposal!

You look like a man of the galaxy! Rovar knows these things! Going on some exciting adventure I bet! Strange new planets, wild creatures. You have come to the right place. I have everything you need!

What can I show you? Rations, survival equipment? I bet weapons, eh?! Hahahaaa! That's it! You look like a fighter if I've ever seen one!


Back on the shuttle platform...

The clone trooper moves in close to Seri. So close that his face and hers are just a mere hairs breath apart.
Now listen here. I don't know what you think of clones, but we aren't idiots. Especially me.

My orders are to keep that thing on you. So that's were it's staying. You so much as look in the wrong direction and I have a nice pair of brackets to match that necklace of yours. We clear?

Caiden stood listening attentively to the troopers instructions. He was a human of average height and weight, lanky rather than muscular, with long hair dark hair that had been streaked with several different colors in a style popular among young cyber-punks of the more technological worlds. He wore heavy canvas pants, a utility belt and a long dark coat, all with lots of pockets, and a blaster pistol slung low on one thigh.

When the trooper finished his instructions Caiden turned to the rest of the group with a friendly grin. "So it seems we're going to be working together. I'm Caiden. I slice anything with an interface and fix anything with moving parts. Usually better than it was to start, if I say so myself."

Tak's ears perked and turned in the direction of the outcries of a young woman close by. Only when she turned her head did she find a human as the origin and one who looked to be a part of the team given that she was on the platform with them. But what really made her so interested in this human was not because she was the only other female team member her but that she was seemly held captive under the watchful eyes of the clone guard, restrained by a collar which see wanted to be freed from as soon as possible. She knew nothing of the other beside that she appeared to be a criminal and part of their team and yet she felt that this was something that needed to be remedied.

Removing herself from the Wookie, she walked with some purpose in her step towards the female and her retainer. "Hey," she said on approached before closing the distance, "She said she wanted it taken off... So do it."Tak's words were accompanied with a aggressive scowl, her eyes narrowed into a glare and the corners of her lips opening to complete the snarl she was giving to the guard.

With a silent command inside his helmet communicator, two of the patrolling clones come and flank the one talking to the group.
There is no reason to get up in arms. We are not taking it off and that is that. When we get to the ship the General can make that decision.

Now let's all calm down before I have to explain to the General why more then one of you is in cuffs.

"Great. So we've got two warriors, an unpacked kid, a mouth with a shock collar, and a cyber. Looks like a fun day." Through the translation unit it is hard to tell if he is being honest or sarcastic. "While I may defend you in the field, do not expect that protection to be free. We will all need to carry our weight or you will die out there."

Turning to the trooper having a discussion with Seri Arri offers, "If you need someone to manage that collar when we leave I can take the control. Or even for the time being" he says with a look towards Tak. Hmm, she must be more protective than me. Or just more accepting and trusting of our new companions.


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